Second place for refugees intervener

Winner was Antonia Simon (M.) from Willich, followed by the Viersenerin Hannah Minten (Re.) and the third placed Sophie Tillmanns.

Viersen. At the award ceremony of the “Young women in public affairs award” on the podium was the 17 year old Viersenerin Hannah Minten By Bianca hits

The bronze sculpture to the “Young women in public affairs award” the Zonta clubs Viersen carries three names of students at Willicher St. Bernard high school. Now another name has been added: Antonia Simon. But not only the 17-year-old, that has made just her high school diploma, Let shine headmistress Margret Peters. Q1 schoolgirl Sophie of Talat had secured a third place finish in the traditional competition, While Hannah Minten from the Viersen Erasmus of Rotterdam School is delighted at the award ceremony in the Forum of at St. Bernard high school over second-place.

“The Zonta project is recognition and encouragement in a”, Peters says. “It's a job, to continue in terms of ongoing, to act and become involved in the company.” Something, all three young women do that, with Simon and Talat launched her engagement at the Willicher Gymnasium in a particular direction. Both are active since the eighth grade in the school medical service. “Through the school's Sani service we have come to the Maltese. There we are committed both in the medical service”, reported Simon. The student and high school student stuck in just under one year training for the use of paramedics. Both are went to Lourdes as a helper and have in the “Holy Year of mercy” Visited Rome, in international teams for eight days. Read more in the RP-ONLINE

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