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Companions for unaccompanied minors

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You came alone here and determines you have many questions. This booklet will help you, yours
Questions to answer, and it should tell you, whom you have to ask. We want to help you understand,
What happens here with friends and what possibilities and rights you have. We are a group of young men-
between, which have made similar experiences as you. There are many people, are there for you and you
support, that's why we say: you're not alone!
This handbook has six parts, an overview of the issues fi nd one spend your you on the next page. On the next
We explain to you pages, What happens in your early days in Germany, which possibilities and rights you
have and what people and authorities you do have. Be complicated terms and words in the text
printed in a different color and in part 6 in a nutshell.
If you want to know, who are we, fi nd one spend your you photos and information from us in the booklet. We hope, You fi nd
all of the information, you need the, and wish you all the best for your future!
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