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From hand to hand

"The team from hand to hand" - Closet in Nettetal

Toys |Furniture, Furniture etc..

The team from hand to hand IMPORTANT INFORMATION: Closet storage Lobberich, Rose Valley 29. Adoption: Mondays from 9.oo until 11.oo pm and Wednesdays from 18.00 Watch up to 19.00 Watch, Output on Tuesdays from 15.30 Watch up to 18.00 PM and on Saturdays from 10.00 until 13.00 Watch

Kontakt Team leader : Angela Miller


First I would like to just say thank you all the Nettetal-based citizens, in the past few months its great willingness to help not only through volunteer work, but also by many money- and in-kind donations have demonstrated! Many people could be helped to.

We are grateful for donations, to submit on Monday between 9 and 11 PM and Wednesdays between 18.oo and 19.oo clock in our warehouse "FROM HAND TO HAND" Rose Valley 29 in Lobberich, the left of the gym.

Thank you very much in advance.

Angela Miller

Call for donations!

To the beginning of the school year we welcome donations of school bags, Baste, Crayons and fountains. Also be sportswear, Looking for shoes and bags. Still, we need complete service, Cooking pots and pans, small electrical appliances such as z. B. Coffee machines, Kettle, Iron etc.

The team of "HAND to HAND" says now thanks to well-preserved donations in kind.

Donations can be made: Monday, 9 - 11 PM and Wednesdays from 18 - 19 Clock or during the issue Tuesday by 15.30 - 18.00 PM and Saturdays from 10.00 - 13.00 Clock in our material- and dress donations warehouse, Rose Valley 29 in Nettetal-Lobberich, the left of the gym

The demand for clothes- and donations in kind on the basis of the current refugee situation and subsequent donations made in the population
Let the garage, Keller, Cars of volunteers from its seams burst and a solution had to be found. So we thought about the use of a garage
and got offered in demand after shelves for this then the company Esch directly a whole camp.

After recently we decided,
This generous offer to accept and here a dresses- and donation camp to organize, the not only the refugees, but also all other needy people in Nettetal available to.
A team of many helping hands was quickly found and so the sort and arrange and on Saturday was, the 14. November 2015, We were able to open then.

In December, we have open only on Saturdays!

On Monday we will in time of
9.00 Watch up to 11.00 Watch and 18.00 Watch up to 19.00 Watch donations accepted.
Tuesday edition of 15.30 Watch up to 18.00 Watch
Saturday's Edition of 10.00 Watch up to 13.00 Watch

You do find us at the following address: Rosenthal 29 in Nettetal-Lobberich, directly to the left of the gym.

We have also an own Facebook page. Here we can publish faster news

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