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Invitation to the basic seminar right to asylum

Dear volunteer,

In the volunteer work with people who had fled the question comes up often: What's next now actually for these people and what are his rights as asylum seekers? What information- and the refugees in the reception centres of the country need support services, where they do not in the long term remain? How is the distribution on the local authorities governed and what rights and obligations arise after the decision on the asylum status? There are what permit and what is actually a toleration?

In the seminar, it comes first to escape causes, Numbers and data, as well as asylrechtlich-related terms. The asylum process is explained on the basis of the individual stations, that a person has to go through, If he seeks protection in Germany. Finally the social rights are illuminated by asylum-seekers in North Rhine-Westphalia depending on your status of residence. This training provides important background knowledge for volunteer work with refugees and also serves as a basis, to take care of refugees people while their asylum procedure and also following it as a competent contact person * in.

The seminar will be held

at the MI., the 28.09.2016, 17:00-20:30 Watch
in the meeting place Portsmouth
Oberkrüchtener way 42, 41372 Niederkrüchten

Sign up to the 23.09.2016 at:
Eva Spiekermann
Officer Ehrenamtlichenvernetzung Wire: 0234 58 73 15 60

Mother-child-Café - Learn German with children (0-3 Years) Mothers from all over the world with their children (0-3 (J).) are welcome.

Coffee, Tea, We want cake and cookies
chat together, play, We get to know and
Learn also GERMAN.
14-tägig Thursdays!
next dates of mother-child-Café most 23. June and 7July . 2016 and around 14.00 Watch in the Community Office, 41334 Nettetal, Berliner str. 8 !

Café mother & Child - to learn German with their children (0-3 y.) Mothers from all over the world are welcome to talk together, to play, to learn German and to have fun.
Always 14 days on Thursdays!
next date mother-child Café on 23. Juni und 7July . 2016 by 14.00 in the civil office 41334 Nettetal, Berliner Str. 8!
After that every fourteen days on Thursday!

Community Office, Berliner str 8, Nettetal Nettetal
An offer in cooperation with the refugee help Nettetal,
Info and contact in the Community Office Tel. 02153 957 235
( When Manuela Nazemi or
Angela Miller (

To learn German ( Until the age of three)
We'll start on Thursday 19. May 2016.
Welcome all moms from all over the world with their children ( Until the age of three) In the Office of citizens in Braille. We have coffee and have some fun together and talk and get to know each other and then we can learn.
Zaman : Thursday, the 19. 5.2016 From the time 2 P.m. 03:30 In the afternoon.
Place : Bürgerbüro Berliner Str.8 Nettetal - Nettetal
And then we meet every Thursdays 14 Yuma.
This offer in cooperation with the Association for assisting refugees in ntital.
For more information you can contact the Office of citizens in Braille. 02153957235 Or send an email to the address ( مانيوالا كاظمي.
Or ( ). Angela Miller

Deutschkurse in Nettetal

for refugees in Nettetal on three mornings a week the language course under the direction of Susanne Floethe in the Lobbericher Doerkesstuben Generation hangout of kath. Parish Association On St. Sebastian 37

There will be 5 Courses 3 Available days of the week

How to contact with wife Flöthe 01573 4463992

The course participants come from 16 different Nations, most of Eritrea and Syria. Directed by Susanne Floethe you will learn in Lobberich German. PHOTO: Joachim Burghard

First Nettetal-based encounter Festival on Saturday, 27. August on the Hinsbecker Heide

"Children's day" an extraordinary family program provided the local population

The great encounter Festival of cultures on Saturday, 27. August on the Hinsbecker Heide is fun for the whole family. All Nettetaler - are invited which generation or origin - no matter, a joint celebration to celebrate. The initiators of the cultural circle of the economy, the refugee assistance and of the integration Council as well as numerous associations and institutions from throughout Nettetal participate with a varied entertainment programme for young and old in the Festival

Continue reading about the encounter Festival