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Overview: Activities of the refugee in the town of Willich


The refugee assistance in the Home Office is located in the administration of the town of Willich. The homepage of the town of Willich refers to numerous contacts under

The Apartment location is responsible for 16 Real estate the town Willich, where the refugees live. These are in the whole municipal area in the districts of Willich, Wrong track, Anrath and Neersen distributed. The new refugee accommodation on the
Moltkestr. 25, the "Moltkedorf" in Willich
is here to highlight.
Contact person for the property is: Mr Marco Haas, 02154/ 949550. - Albert- Oetker- Str. 98, 47877 Willich


Refugee accommodation on the Moltkestr. 25

The town of Willich engaged since 01.02.2016 a coordinator for the main office and volunteering in refugee help:
Point of contact for all full-time and volunteer concerns in refugee help is:
Mrs Regine Hofmeister, 0173/ 4230912.

Since the 15.06.2016 the social workers busy city will I have for all social needs of refugees
Mr Lukas Klehr, 0160/ 6204550

As well, the Arbeiterwohlfahrt e.V employs. two for the city of Willich-competent social workers:
Mrs. Jutta van Chester, 0174/ 1664039
Mr. Robert Müller, 0157/ 37565364.

logo[1]In addition to the activities of the town of Willich the Working Group foreign in the city Willich E.v.. working with volunteers committed in refugee help. A day before German courses are there priority- or. the afternoon offered. Also operates the AKF e.V. a closet. Link:

Seite_bearbeiten_Fluechtlingshilfe_Portal_fuer_den_Kreis_Viersen_WordPress_-_2016-07-12The Initiative LOT serves the residents of North Rhine-Westphalia as an honorary- Initial intake facility at the railway str. 29 in Willich and also there operates a ' venue ' in the old chapel of the hospital. Kontakt: 0176/52948464 Ms. Dorothee reason or wife Andrea Grieco

Seite_bearbeiten_Fluechtlingshilfe_Portal_fuer_den_Kreis_Viersen_WordPress_-_2016-07-12The Most Board e.V. organized a point specifically for refugees always on Wednesday noon at the Koch str. 6.

Donations in kind:
For all in-kind donations, as z.B. Furniture, Kitchen articles, Toys or clothing please contact Mrs
Regine Hofmeister, 0173/ 4230912.

site-logo[1]Bicycle donations:

For all donations around the bike, please contact: Family Centre Willich, Children- and youth centre No.. 7 in Neersen:

02156/ 492766 or
Mr Peter Mahmoud, 0172/ 1860053.

The group that dedicated volunteers is also committed to the mediation rules around the traffic and road safety.


Furniture donations :

Furniture donations can also use the honorary furniture project: from me to friends want be distributed.

e2c38f8f-47ef-45f9-909d-a5be9bd30bacCaritas, Huettendyck 15, Anrath
(Clothing and household items)

on Mondays and Tuesdays 9.00-12.00 Watch
Tuesdays 14.30 - 16.30 Watch
Caritas St. Maria, Hauptstraße 34, Neersen

Dress Chambers in Willich:
In the Willicher dress Chambers, refugees living permanently in Willich are dressed up and supplied with household items. The Chambers of the dress are looking for seasonal clothing, especially baby- and toddler apparel and sportswear, especially for children. Also, prams and strollers to locate permanently.
Dress Chamber AKF e.V. Cooking str. 6, 47877 Willich
Opening hours: on Wednesdays 17.30 until 19.00 Watch

On the Cooking str. 4 each is also a special kids closet On Wednesdays 15.00- 17.00 Watch. is open. Please contact: Mrs Daniela Bolten
Donations of children's clothing, Toys, Stroller, High Chairs etc. can cooking str there, and in the Office of the municipal administration. 6 be delivered

Ev_Emmaus-Kirchengemeinde_Willich_-_2016-07-12Textiles and clothing
Wednesdays 9.30-11.30 and 14.30-16.30 Watch
Wednesdays 14.30 - 16.30 Watch
Dresses, Shoes, Textiles, Accessories
Adoption: Monday 15.00 -17.00 Watch
Output/sales: Tuesdays 16.00 - 18.00 Watch
EV. Emmaus parish, Krusestrasse 20, Willich

Catherine-Hospital_Notaufnahme_-_Google_Maps_-_2016-07-13Closet in the central shelter
It was a closet at the home of refugee transitional (former Kathrinen hospital) set up, to provide the refugees in this institution with seasonal clothing.

Adoption: Tuesdays and Thursdays 15.00 until 17.30 Watch

Further volunteer activities in the town of Willich:

All real estate in the town of Willich and also the refugees resettled in their own apartments with stay perspective maintained comprehensive full-time and volunteer. This is done primarily through numerous sponsorships, that like to be exercised by the long-established Willicher population. This sponsorship aims at integration of refugees into Willicher society as smoothly as possible. Sponsorships are a prerequisite and guarantee for successful integration. You help and support in getting to know the functions during registration for day-care facilities for children, to the school, for the integration course, Filling out forms, as well as the various Office corridors. The pleasure comes not too short. Kulisek acquaintances quickly. Since it is also happy together on festivals. The prospect of development of trust and the possibility include the integration therefore fundamentally, to be able to feel comfortable in the new home.


The city administration developed a comprehensive approach to integration currently with the political groups in the city, that extends to all areas of public life. So should the integration of refugees into the existing society with all its facilities the children- and youth services, the schools, the clubs, the health care, the job offers as well as to the education and culture.

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