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In Europe January apply according to Europol with stand 2016 more than 10.000 unaccompanied minor refugees in the past 18-24 Months within Europe's missing.

According to Europol were around 270.000, Thus about 27% all refugees, in the course of the year 2015 came to Europe, a minor.

The Federal Criminal Police Office has at the date of the 01.04.2016 for Germany the number of 8.537 unaccompanied minor refugees, of which 781 Children up to the age of thirteen, specified.

This platform is intended, to determine the safe stay of missing unaccompanied minor refugees and to facilitate the bringing together of families.

Organizations of refugee assistance and other governmental and non-governmental bodies can gain access to the database, so independently to abandon a message. To do this, please submit a Email.



في أوروبا تطبق وفقا ليوروبول، مع الوضع في يناير كانون الثاني عام 2016، أكثر من 10،000 القصر غير المصحوبين على مدى الأشهر الماضية 18-24 In Europe are missing.

According liorobol was about 270, 000, thus about 27% of the total number of refugees who reached Europe by 2015, a minor..


Bundeskriminalamt and the history 2016/1/4 For Germany, the number of 8537 Unaccompanied minors, including 781 A child under the age of thirteen referred.


This programme aims to identify secure accommodation missing unaccompanied minors and to facilitate family reunification.


Refugee assistance organizations and other governmental and non-governmental bodies may receive access to the database, more self-abandonment of letter. To do so, email us at البريد الإلكتروني .


Apply in Europe, according to یوروپل, with the situation in January 2016, along with more than 10,000 children over 18-24 Last month lost in Europe as a.

According to یوروپل around 150000, resulting in approximately 27 Percent of all refugees in the course of the year 2015, a minor came to Europe.


Bundeskriminalamt to date 2016/01/04 For Germany, the number of 8537 Children, including 781 A child under the age of thirteen years revealed.


This platform is intended to determine the safe accommodation of young refugees gone without and to facilitate the linking of family again.


سازمان کمک به پناهندگان و سایر نهادهای دولتی و ENTER دولتی ممکن است دسترسی به پایگاه داده دریافت، بیشتر خود را رها یک پیام است. برای این کار، به ما یک ارسال ایمیل