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Social rights for refugees – Aid for consultancy

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A job aid for consultants

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The legal aspects of labour market access and the social benefits for refugees people are very complex in Germany for a long time. Since the year 2015 have led to numerous changes in the law, that not only on the basis of status of residence, but also on grounds of nationality is differentiated and granted some access only for people with a "good place to stay perspective". For people who had fled as well as for their consultants and industry experts the location in a row the always more rapidly successive changes in the law has complicated Additionally.

The present update of our work help "Social benefits for refugees" from the year 2012 would we give a compact overview of the Central rules. The job aid is deliberately practical created, with numerous tips for the consulting practice. She can make available but only basic information, which need to be supplemented on site with further training, to ensure expert advice.


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