Tailor's shop for refugees seamstresses

The Schneider Studio "Stitch by stitch" in Frankfurt, who had fled women employed. Photo: Bernd Hartung
Integration project in Frankfurt
Stitch for stitch in the future

Build a tailor's shop with refugees seamstresses and traditional techniques of from different cultures combine with modern design. These were the ideas of Claudia Frick and Nicole Alvensleben from Frankfurt/Main. Together with women from Syria, Iran and Afghanistan make it for local fashion labels.From the outset was for qualified fashion-DesignSnowboard set, that they want to work with refugees. In her tailor's shop "Stitch by stitch" give a chance refugee women. All women have made in their home. Most have learned this craft in her family and thus have become large. Some had even her own Atelier. It's a Win-win-Situation.

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