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Uwe Schummer for our home

Read with us in the blog of our CDU deputies in Berlin on the subject of refugees in the District of Viersen


Welcome book for refugees

Distribute action information for refugees

Last Saturday visited Bundestag Member Uwe Schummer and politician Dr. Marcus Optendrenk with the women's Union of the district Viersen refugee accommodation at Kempen, Brüggen and Nettetal. Part of the visit was the distribution of a welcome book with the title "Germany. First information for refugees", which has been initiated by the Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung. Read more


Assistance on site


In all talks and discussion on refugees, most important ultimately is the help site. The directly elected Bundestag member of the Viersen district, Uwe Schummer, wanted exactly, where forces are mobilized and people help other people. For this reason, Salah visited the refugee home in Nettetal and then the corresponding Read more

More money for refugee assistance to the municipalities of the District of Viersen

Uwe Schummer. 2

"Yesterday's refugee Summit in the Chancellor's Office brings a rapid relief for municipalities of the District of Viersen", as the directly elected Bundestag Member Uwe Schummer. Brüggen obtained by doubling the immediately help of the Federal Government to a billion euros this year as a whole(105.780 Euro), Grefrath (92.180 Euro), Kempen (214.968 Euro), Nettetal (258.334 Euro), Niederkrüchten Read more

Exemplary coexistence in the city of Willich


The domestic Bundestag Member Uwe Schummer visited the refugee accommodation at the Anrather station, and spoke there with representatives of Caritas and the town of Willich, as well as other representatives of the Executive Board of the CDU Willich of the situation in the refugee shelters throughout the city. The politicians were delighted at the State of the accommodation and their Read more