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Immigrants start businesses - new opportunities for labour market integration of refugees?

IAT publication to backgrounds and networks of players

"Migrant economics" could provide valuable assistance to the integration of refugees in the German labour market. This is the central result of a recent publication of the Institute work and technology (IAT / Westfälische Hochschule). In addition to the usual ways of integration through education and social management here private - possibilities are often based on regional actor networks and informal support structures.

"The 'refugee crisis' is not only challenge, but opens up entirely new perspectives for the economy and the German labour market", does the IAT research scientist Dr. Alexandra David-proof.

For decades, Italian ice cream parlors enrich, Spanish restaurants, Turkish kebab, Arab tailors the roads of Germany. How to show relevant studies and publications, Immigrants is today every fifth contractor in Germany (d.h. born without German citizenship or not in Germany).

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Migrantisches entrepreneurship
A chance of the work market integration for refugees people?


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