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Invitation to the basic seminar right to asylum

Dear volunteer,
Sie engagieren sich für Geflüchtete in einer Unterbringungseinrichtung für Flüchtlinge des Landes NRW. Als Flüchtlingsrat NRW e.V. möchten wir Sie in Ihrer wichtigen Tätigkeit unterstützen.
Wir laden Sie zu einem Basis-Seminar über die rechtlichen Grundlagen rund um das Asylverfahren in NRW ein.
In the volunteer work with people who had fled the question comes up often: What's next now actually for these people and what are his rights as asylum seekers? What information- and the refugees in the reception centres of the country need support services, where they do not in the long term remain? How is the distribution on the local authorities governed and what rights and obligations arise after the decision on the asylum status? There are what permit and what is actually a toleration?
In the seminar, it comes first to escape causes, Numbers and data, as well as asylrechtlich-related terms. The asylum process is explained on the basis of the individual stations, that a person has to go through, If he seeks protection in Germany. Finally the social rights are illuminated by asylum-seekers in North Rhine-Westphalia depending on your status of residence. This training provides important background knowledge for volunteer work with refugees and also serves as a basis, to take care of refugees people while their asylum procedure and also following it as a competent contact person * in.

The seminar will be held

most 28.09.2016, 17:00-20:30 Watch
in the meeting place Portsmouth
Oberkrüchtener way 42, 41372 Niederkrüchten

Sign up to the 23.09.2016 at:
Eva Spiekermann
Officer Ehrenamtlichenvernetzung
Wire: 0234 58 73 15 60

We are looking for two 26 Inch wheels

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and a functional stroller
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Caritas Laurentiusstr. 10.

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