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New computer donation for refugees!

Photo: Norbert Green, Senior system engineer , Technical system engineer

Refugees in the District of Viersen forward again on a computer donation

Thanks to the initiative of the refugee circle portal succeeded repeatedly fully equipped computer equipment as a donation to get. The machines have all over several hundred gigabytes disk capacity and 2 Gigabyte RAM.
We thank the donor company:
CSB-system AG – D 52511 geilenkirchen

The distribution takes place so far in Willich, Nettetal and Schwalm Valley.
The computer team in the closet "from hand to hand" in Nettetal consists of 3 Volunteers. They have agreed with all donor companies, that Ubuntu Linux will be installed on the donated computers. The advantage is: Ubuntu is a lightweight operating system and run elderly host to refloat, continue to all old data will be deleted by reinstalling sustainably. Peter Lehnert's computer team looking forward to more donate 02157 1249862