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Payments for refugees in Nettetal / Hartz-IV

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The job Center the costs of rent, so the rent, reasonable. The Heizosten are also transferred to an appropriate level.

Crucial to answering the question, whether the rental costs are reasonable, are three factors:

  • the size of the apartment,
  • the number of inhabitants and
  • the amount of rent

Apartment size table and residents
The number of people it is large number of halls
1 45-50 QM 1-2
2 60 QM 2
3 78-80 QM 3
4 85-90 QM 4
5 95-105 QM 5


Table rent ceiling gem. § 12 Housing law
The rental amount must be reasonable
The housing benefit table, the totals consist of rent and associated costs. Heating costs are not taken into account, you are paid adequately.

Municipality of Nettetal has the rent level 3
Persons in the household – Euro *

1 330
2 402
3 479
4 556
5 638

  • CA. Values 2016, Please check the date at the job Center


Here a list of landlords from Nettetal


Hau administrations Nettetal