Young refugees looking for their chance

Annette Baar and Michael Verheyen (3. and 4. v.l) by “Via Nobis” strive together with Andreas Müller and headmaster Lothar Josten (r.) internship for young refugees.

Municipality of Grefrath. The 25 Inhabitants of Antoniushauses are on the search for traineeships. Three are already supplied, for others, there are commitments. The youth help “Via Nobis” and the love wife school appeal to the local economy.

By Heiner Deckers

25 young unaccompanied refugees are currently housed in the Antoniushaus on the grounds of the Sisters of our Lady of Guadalupe in Mulhouse. They are looked after by the youth welfare service “Via Nobis”. You can visit the Förderklassen the love school, at the end of the coming school year the first will have their secondary school in your Pocket. Depending on the qualification that must be not the end of the academic career. Currently looking for “Via Nobis” Internships for young people, that come from conflict areas and have participated a lot in her life.

Andreas Müller, the in the liebfrauenschule care together with Barbara pink Schneider to the vocational preparation, stresses the value of such internship : “The boys learn about the world of work and expand their language skills.” The school have, so Director Lothar Josten, in terms of internships a cooperation with the “Via Nobis” agreed, assume also the mandatory visits to the students at their place of work to their supervisor. The internships are to last two to four weeks, and in the summer- or autumn school holidays take place. The school provides, that the young people every six months two weeks to each complete two training blocks. Read more in the PR online

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