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Integration takes place on the spot

Integration of refugees in rural areas of strategic guidelines and best practices

Integration of refugees
in rural areas
Strategic guidelines and best practices

So of course this statement sounds, She is so right. The refugees live in the districts, Cities and municipalities, Here are the courses to ensure, is for apartments and to promote the pre-accession to the labour market. Here are the volunteers to coordinate, the visit of the day-care institution as the school to ensure and the social, health
as well as family care to offer.
The subsequent publication of the German County Association testifies about, how integration can succeed in successfully. It makes diverse commitment of districts,its holistic approach to the integration of clear and to promote the exchange of experience among themselves. You
therefore in the relevant fields of action of integration - the language of the labour market shows up to
to the social coexistence of Germans and refugees - good examples on, as districts cope with this task - involved, pragmatic, with realistic expectations


Read the kopmplette PDF of the German County Association, Berlin

161130 (DLT) Integration of refugees in rural areas