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Information film “Asylum in Germany – The hearing”

Information film for refugees in Germany. Friends in 14 Languages available. It comes to the hearing at the Federal Office for migration and refugees. The hearing is a conversation while it tells the story of his escape the. It is one of the Central moment * any asylum-seekers. Because then it is decided, whether it is recognized as a refugee, or not.

For the General information of all concerned we have made a catalogue of questions:

Hearing questionnaire of the BAMF

1. Speak in addition to the / the specified language(n) other or dialects?

2. Have or had other nationalities?

3. Belonging to a certain tribe / a certain ethnic group?

4. Can you give me personal documents, as for example a passport, Submit passport or national identity card?

5. Do have personal documents in your home country, as for example a passport, possessed a passport or an identity card?

6. What reasons can you submit any personal papers?

7. Can you give me other documents (z. B. Testimonials, Birth certificate, Military service pass, Driver's license) submit about yourself?

8. Have or have had a residence permit / visa for the Federal Republic of Germany or another country?

9. Please give me your last official address in the home country!
Have remained there up to the exit? If no, where?

10. Please name family name, GGF. Birth name, First name, Date of birth and date and place of your spouse and date and place of marriage! Can you present evidence or submit?

11. What is its address (If he is no longer staying in the home country, Please indicate the last address there and the current)? Can you present evidence or submit?

12. Do have children (Please all, also adults with family names, Given name, Birth name and date and place of)? Can you present evidence or submit?

13. What are their addresses (If children no longer in the country are, Please indicate the last address there and the current)? Can you present evidence or submit?

14. Please give me name, Given name and address of your parents!

15. Do have any siblings, Grandparents, Uncle or aunt(n), live outside your home country?

16. Life is still more relatives in the home country?

17. What are the particulars of your grandfather's paternal?

18. What kind of school(n)/ Universities(n) have visited?

19. What have you learned? In which employers have you worked last? Had its own shop?

20. Did military service?

21. Have ever used in the Federal Republic of Germany?

22. Have already in another State for you asylum or recognition as a refugee or granted to get?

23. Was applied for refugee status for a family member in another State or recognized and this there has his legal residence?

24. Do have any objections, that your application for asylum in that State will be considered?

25. Please tell me, how and when you came to Germany! Specifying., When and in what way you have left your home country, about what other countries you have travelled and how the entry was made after Germany!

Explains how the applicant, that he is now belongs to his fate of persecution and the reasons of his asylum application. He requested we, the facts to present, his fear of political persecution explain that.

Source: Hearing Protocol of an asylum applicant