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Notes and links on the subject of refugees and migration

On this page I present interesting Internet pages on the subject of refugees and migration.

Information regarding the immigration society

Information regarding the immigration society

Free legal assistance for refugees and helpers

Free legal assistance for refugees and helpers

Picture2The German asylum procedure

Picture2Special offers for the professional integration

bzn-logo Welcome to Schleswig-Holstein - appropriate media for refugees (Focus "Parents & Child")


Welcome to culture for refugees in our libraries


Many interesting Internet pages titled "Migrantenjugendliche and vocational orientation"

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Facts against prejudice. Together against racism!


Problems of unaccompanied minor refugees. News of the Association and to the situation of young fugitive

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Blogger for refugees


Informationsverbund asylum & Migration

logoThe VOICE refugee Forum Germany - Refugees and asylum in Germany


The first Job Exchange for refugees and employers, that you want to open up opportunities.

JOBBOeRSE_de_Jobs_fuer_Gefluechtete_-_2016-06-22Jobs for refugees on

logooothe integration portal for young refugees and other actors. More than 150 Explanatory videos on all topics for refugees

logo_deZanzu, my body in Word and image in many languages 1_0_0_body


Refugees and asylum seekers

Videos, Audios, Posts on the subject "Refugees and asylum seekers" with current information, Backgrounds and interviews

Action issue "refugees welcome '! Young Caritas Germany

Study for refugees and asylum

fluechtlingshelfer_info_-_Fuer_Engagierte_-_2016-06-23In the following list, we put together information about the different ways, Refugees support


Where's the political support for the "digital help for refugees"?


Info for employers
Refugees make up


The "action new neighbors"
Refugees are our new neighbors.

Gemeinnuetzige_Gesellschaft_zur_Unterstuetzung_Asylsuchender_e_V_Startseite_-_2016-06-23Non-profit organization to support asylum seekers e.V.



Information for refugee helpers


State of NRW launches app for refugees

Rat_fuer_Migration_-_2016-06-23Links to migration and integration
Migration research

Location Germany

Landkreis_Ludwigslust-Parchim_-_Integration_von_Migranten_-_2016-06-27The district Ludwigslust has provided a variety of important information as a PDF on net

Three of four foreign professional qualifications recognised

Fig. 1

The information portal of the Federal Government for the recognition of foreign professional qualifications in Germany.

Flyer recognition berufsabschluss_de.jpg;JSESSIONID = E57BD20D522CE3E52E2663D179F497DE. 1_cid286Flyer for the recognition of foreign diplomas


A new information page, the BQ portal has compiled helpful information, Thus employers that can better assess qualifications of refugees.


Information for volunteers


Facts on the topic of ASY


Integrate refugees
Common goal: a secure future. Learn more about this topic in our dossier.


Integration of refugees - Good ideas nationwide


Welcome! Library services for refugees


Welcome to Germany!

The information portal for refugees and migrants of Telekom

formulare_verstehbar_machenn_nicht_zum_albtraum_wird_-_2016-10-10"Forms make understandable the project"
...the KuB Berlin is to high- Lingen and immigrants help, in the German Amtsdschungel your way- to find.


This website is an initiative, just thank you to say Germany and its citizens.

migrationsrecht_net_-_informationsportal_zum_auslaenderrecht_-_2016-12-05Migrationsrecht.NET - Information portal for foreigners law

The Portal provides extensive information of European and German migration law the litigants.

We make together visible, We are many!

We learn through our actions, that can succeed in the integration of refugees.

We combine integration with professional perspectives

Click on the logo
Welcome to able
Alliance for young refugees

Specialists on the issue of Syrian experts

Our young recruitment focuses on the integration of Syrian job seekers in the German labour market.

Support program "Integration through qualification (IQ)"

Our offers for
Employment agencies / Job Center

Debt counselling

Consulting & Help with debt
A way out can be found from any difficult life situation, This also applies to over-indebtedness

Important information on the subject of Familennachzug

Migrationsrecht.NET - Information portal for foreigners law