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Your rights as a woman in Germany "go your way!

Cover_GehDeinenWeg_Flyer_ © _Birte_Vogelinforming them of some of the main points of the equality, the the basic law (Article 1 and article 3.2) derive and the women, of course, are:

  • the right to education,
  • the right to free choice of employment,
  • the right, even earned money to manage,
  • the right, is one partner regardless of gender, To choose religion or origin of this person,
  • the right, their partnership or marriage to end,
  • the right, to dress and to make your leisure time, as you like it,
  • the right to physical and mental integrity
  • u. v. m.

Go your way! Your rights as a wife in Germany"was created by me and by many", Honorary Helfer_innen read. He is currently in a total 19 Languages translated. For their wonderful help, I would like to especially thank these people: Regina Bartel, Eva Edwards, Brigitte, Ursula Tanneberger, SIGI Lieb, Maike, Heike Steinmetz, the Lower Saxony Refugee Council, Carl Wilhelm Macke of the Association Journalists help journalists, Julia Knight, Anke Roux, Ulla Létinois, Stéphane Létinois, Fadumo Korn, Reza sad, Dina Lechner, Ana Heske, Samra abhilash Raj, Arvind Lamuel, Bekim Dalipi, Imad Alkhaldi, Nadia Ali Al Battashi, and all those, currently still translate and read against, and those, that would remain nameless.

"Go your way! Your rights as a woman in Germany"

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