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Your bank account! Information for refugees

You want to open a bank account?

We have you as an example for the Sparkasse Krefeld important information prepared.

What you should know about the giro account. Information for refugees

What you need to know about the current account information for refugees
CE que vous devez savoir sur le compte courant information pour les réfugiés

ما يجب أن تعرفه عن الحساب الجاري
معلومات للاجئين

You can request the current account in a savings bank branch. Please submit one of the following papers:

  • Passport
  • An identity card issued by a German public authority
  • A provisional residence permit, If that sin contain personal details and a photographd
  • A toleration issued by a German public authority, When is personal data and a photo are included
    • Emergency travel document
    • Travel document for refugees
    • Travel document for stateless persons
    • Stay permission
    • Certificate of a residence permit
    • Certificate of suspension of deportation (Toleration)
    • Home ID
    Certificate of the message as asylum (BUEMA) ( with photo)

You get a card to your checking account, the so-called SparkassenCard. With it you can free withdraw cash at ATMs & credit unions in Germany, as far as credit is available.

Around the world, you can make transfers from your account, If you checked if enough credits have.

All movements of funds on your account are listed on the bank statement. In the store, you can print the, check online or can be send by mail.

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