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I am of the opinion, Germany should be more colorful.

Excerpt from a private email, Contents the volunteers and asylum seekers not to be withheld.

Good morning Peter,

Rudian Kryemadhi has his asylum request in February 2016 taken back. At this time he had an apprenticeship contract as a chef in the restaurant "Age beer cellar" Kindt.

The training contract came about, because Capt Schneider has made intercession to the owner. I even put only the application.

Rudian is returned to Albania and has, based on the employment contract, get a work visa for Germany. The events at the Embassy in Tirana has organized Steffi van Kessel and has even picked from the airport Rudian.

He then has his girlfriend Klaudia, 20 Years old, with brought in Germany. She is, This is worth mentioning, traveled with tourist visa.

Both desire was and is clear: We want to complete a training in Germany.
Family Froese has initially catered accommodation.

  • Two questions were now to answer: What training is appropriate and possible for Kamil?
  • Where is an affordable apartment, as in Nettetal, to get?

During a conversation, Steffi van Kessel has Rudian, Klaudia, Invited me and Sabine Schönbrodt, was first talked about a training in the nursing field. The fact is, that one is for at least a B2 / C1 requires language skills.

An interruption: Mrs Engelke had informed me, Café educates Seeger, and there a chance employees with an immigrant background.

Sabine Schönbrodt had the practical idea: Klaudia could but first training as a pastry student complete and then, in a more than three-year training and when dealing with customers, develop a language, the you in the future allows her education in the home country (University education in the field of midwifery) to resume. She has to show good evidence.

1.Training contract for Klaudia

After a training course has responded to the demand immediately positive woman Seeger. It was agreed to an interview. Klaudia, Rudian, Mrs Bimmler and I received very friendly woman Seeger and Mr. Seeger. You made it clear how important is the training of specialists in the service area for your company.

Wanted to get to know himself better woman Seeger, that Klaudia a two week internship should complete.
This is not possible with a tourist visa but. She would first need to leave again with a work visa to enter.
Ms. Seeger has, After several discussions, then Klaudia offered without an internship a training contract.

Ms. Seeger in the hand has taken all other formal steps with the federal employment agency. Klaudia has been back on May 2 back in Albania and has most 9. May already have an appointment to apply for a work visa at the German Embassy in Tirana, Albania. It has organized all wife Steffi van Kessel.

It comes with a working- or training contract back, Note:

First, Instant booking with the local registration authority.
Secondly, Application for residence permit ( Residence permit )introduced to the Immigration Office in Viersen. The immigration authorities ordered the personal papers at the Federal Printing Office. With this card can not EU citizens free space in the Schengen move and can visit his home country ( Holiday ). Cost of ID card €110, are to be paid immediately.

One is in possession of the residence permit, a residence permit from the local authorities can be requested, or. This is also the case for trainees when they must apply for an increase in their training aid.

Have we done everything with Rudian together.

  1. An apartment was purchased:

Woman Bimmler had meanwhile called the GWG Viersen district and informed the local team leader of house management.

Me it is not known how she has motivated this very nice people. As but Rudian and I where asked to hearing we were immediately admitted. We had to explain the situation only. After a short search, one was us 2 Rooms apartment in Nettetal Nettetal, Paul Terstappen road 99 offered. The formalities were settled shortly. On the afternoon of the same day Mrs Bimmler has visited the apartment with Rudian. The answer came from Rudian: I take the apartment!!

Mr Simun GWG provides us the lease. The apartment is most 1.6. free.

Why have I held time posting them up these processes?

Here is an example of how volunteer in a network, without that was known to advance there, simply have helped. There was no integration Council, no Board of Directors and no authority. There's still a lot more examples on the type as volunteers have helped.

There are in my view for any institution, After a process organization, the integration of asylum-seekers can accomplish.

In a network of honorary fellows make the integration of asylum seekers, however, can be driven a piece. Here some zeal and compassion will help.

A network of helpers needed an information platform. To do this, your Internet presence is an appropriate tool. Is the only way a freedom of expression and advocacy of the helper.


Principle is also for non-EU citizens, they have a training agreement or contract of employment, the opportunity in Germany to work.

On the Internet site ” Vocational training for citizens from EU- and non-EU States” are the formal steps for this path recorded.

According to reports in the press 41.000 Training places still not occupied. Each free space offers a chance for an asylum seeker.

It is of course not to understand, that an asylum-seeker such as Rudian must leave only to then, can travel here again with a new work visa. Maybe there's rules in a new integration law.


Now to another issue.

I'm with Wahid, Chef apprentice at Kalle Kummer, in the Immigration Office representations become. My intention was, on the basis of the new training contract, a residence permit to reach. Wahid has only the “Toleration”. Declared us, that, as long as no conclusion of the asylum procedure is, no possibility to achieve a residence permit. He would have to leave again to enter a new work visa, to satisfy so his teaching.

We were embarrassed faces.

Then I noticed, used to to Whaid, We would have to, If your child around the world obtain an Aufenhaltstitel for humanitarian reasons.

The nice lady got immediate attention. Wahids girlfriend has a Turkish Passport, but it has an unlimited residence permit, Since she is born in Germany. It is therefore treated as a German woman. Wahid should now obtain a prenatal paternity recognition of the Youth Welfare Office. Thus, is this, is a deportation not possible, because he is father of one German now.

In ca. He can then submit an application for naturalization four years. I naturally have all the young men on this possibility, to establish a family in Germany, again strongly advised. You knew this already. Maybe you can, Once again to point out in an appropriate language on the website. I am of the opinion, Germany should be more colorful.

With kind regards


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Recently, I have received the following additional information via email:

Hi Peter,

A guide to the topic:

Vocational training for citizens from EU- and non-EU States


Basically the possibility of vocational training for citizens consists of non-EU States in Germany. An essential prerequisite for this is a training contract with a company. This Treaty must be approved by the federal employment agency and released. Usually this is a priority consideration, d.h. Permission is granted for sectors and professions, where the demand for trainees from German or EU citizens can be covered.
Comment: At few hundred, some very special, It is likely professional pictures, that a non-EU- Citizens quite find his desired professional image. The first step for the in tressierten citizens of non-EU – State must be learning the German language. This opens up the world of job boards on the Internet and the views of the professional images of the German education system. Thus an information of vacancies and the future is his at the same time in individual industries.


An exemplary process:


  • R. K . has withdrawn his application for asylum,and has left Germany.
  • R. K . has used the time in Germany and learned the German language.
  • R. K . z.B's got a training contract in Germany. found as a chef in a company.

He goes back to his home country and applied for a work visa for Germany at the German Embassy.

R.K.. travelling again.

After entering the country are easy steps to understand immediately one after the other:

  • Registration at the registration office. If it is first recorded as a guest is, as a replacement for a lease, also a letter of the host sufficient.
  • Registration Office passes this information to the Immigration Office in Viersen.
  • One is invited by the Immigration Office to apply the residency.
  • It is better perhaps immediately after the return for the representative to make an appointment.
  • Observe the date with the Immigration Office. There, the residence permit application is submitted. Fingerprints are-except. New personal documents can be ordered from the Office in Berlin.
  • Then you have to pay charges €110. Bring cash!!
  • Within 4 You get a weeks “Identity card” with the residence permit.
  • Immediately request a copy of the application for the application.
  • Here it must be said: It is supported on the offices always friendly and helpful.
  • With the residency the most necessary Berutsausbildungsbeihilfe can apply then at the employment agency only.
  • Vocational training allowance:

All information on the: Website of the German Federal employment agency

There are also the vocational training allowance calculator.

Welcome greetings H.P..