Well integrated Lebanese struggles against authority arbitrariness! Role to the right?

Mohamad was supposed Sari to the 1. August in Süchteln begin training to the Pack media technologists. But the immigration authorities deprived him a few days in advance of the work permit. PHOTO: Squire

30. September 2017 / Viersens City Council requires access to the file

The elected representatives exercise their right, the City Government to control. You want to inspect files. The reason is the case of a well-integrated Lebanese, the city withdrew the work permit


It is an exceptional operation, It occurred in the most recent meeting of the Viersen City Council: Members of the Council want to control the activities of the foreigners authority, will take to inspect files.

In a joint Initiativantrag awarded politician of the left, The SPD and Greens their concern expression, that the city of Viersen young one, well integrated Lebanese without emergency has revoked the work permit. Instead of paying his rent, even, is dependent on the 29 year-old Mohamad Sari now basic backup.

Application for asylum was rejected saris, He lives as a tolerated person in Viersen. The immigration authorities had allowed the recording of work years ago – a discretionary decision. To the 1. August Sari had received a training position to the Pack media technologists in an official company, He already worked. In may, he therefore applied for training tolerance. A few days before the start of training, but the Notorious123 Immigration Office revoked the work permit him again. Basic: He had not complied with its obligation to cooperate, a passport to submit or get passport replacement papers. Read more in the RP-online

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