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Language courses

Day / Day / Jour / asset / يومTime / Time / Heure / Koha / الوقت من اليومPlace / place / lieu / Vend / مكان
Monday / Monday / Lundi / e hënë / الإثنين
14:00 – 16:00Oedter meeting

Flyover 76, OEDT

Tuesday / Tuesday / Mardi / e martë / يوم الثلاثاء10:00 – 12:00Oedter meeting

Flyover 76, OEDT

10:00 – 11:30Catholic Youth Center

Lobbericher road, Grefrath

Wednesday / Wednesday / Mercredi / e mërkurë / يوم الأربعاء10:00 – 11:30Catholic Youth Center

Lobbericher road, Grefrath

10:00 – 12:00Evangelical Church

Mountain trail 2, OEDT

14:00 – 16:00Oedter meeting

Flyover 76, OEDT

Thursday / Thursday / jeudi / e enjte / الخميس10:00 – 12:00Catholic Youth Center

Lobbericher road, Grefrath

Friday / Friday / Vendredi / e premte / الجمعة





Love 13501815_737074739768536_477945550069925440_nGroup members,

on Tuesday, the 05. July 2016, find by 15.00 Watch up to 19.00 Watch in the

CATHOLIC YOUTH CENTER, Church square 16, 47929 Grefrath-OEDt

the 1. GREFRATHER JOB BOARD Instead of!

You will find current offers here

This is an event, the by “Grefrath helps” and the town of Grefrath, The patron is our Mayor Manfred Lommetz, is launched.

Because of our work with the refugees we have found, that not only these people, but also German citizens are looking for a job. We want all these people with the 1. GREFRATHER JOB BOARD give the possibility, may be to find a job! Because of our past efforts in finding a job have, There are certainly jobs, only know neither one side who offers what, nor the other, who can what!

We talk to this event both job seekers interested in people, and also local entrepreneurs to, Search the corresponding workforce! But also entrepreneurs from the neighbouring municipalities are welcome! We want to bring together, what date does not know himself!

We ask all unemployed people to the appointment a curriculum vitae (CV) to bring, to help determine, What kind of work is looking for and what skills are available. Also we ask in every case a login, so that we can better estimate, How many people will come. Registrations can be made please directly in this case with PN on me. Discretion is of course!

We also ask the entrepreneur a login, so that we can already set in advance, What jobs are available and we can have the corresponding job offers in other languages translated. The applications should please in this case by telephone number 0171-8004074 or be made by E-mail to!

We hope for an active participation! It can be the chance of a lifetime for anyone!

Support you are us

Federal employment agency, Area Kempen, Employer service,

as well as the

Integration point Viersen.

These two facilities are personally on the day of the event available with help and advice and above all with appropriate legal background knowledge!

Thank you already for the participation in the 1. GREFRATHER JOB BOARD!