Tolerated Lam: Unemployed instead of teaching

Friends gathered before the foreigners authority, Members of the left and the link youth, to Mohamad Abou Sari (2.v.r.) to support.

Viersen. Almost 40 Mohamad fares Abou minutes saris’ Appointment to the immigration authorities of the city of Viersen. The 29-year-old come out, goes the steps in front of the main entrance down slowly, stops on the sidewalk. He acts shocked. Nadine Fischer

“Now I have nothing”, says the Lebanese. “No work, no training.” Around him members of the party are a dozen yesterday morning, the left and the link youth. You have gathered there, to call attention to his case, to show him: You're not alone.Since March 2013 is Abou Sari in Germany. In Lebanon he can not stay, He says. “I had problems with a political group, that was very dangerous for me.” He made an asylum application, looking for work in Süchteln, rented an apartment. The Administrative Court of Düsseldorf rejected the application for asylum in March 2017 AB. Since then, Abou Sari is subject to a departure. In Germany, he has the status “tolerated”, He must travel from so, Once the aliens are all necessary return documents. He tried, to obtain at least a toleration of training for three years. Abou Sari has a training place as Pack media technologist. Also, this application was rejected. Read more in the RP-ONLINE

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