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How does the German labour market

I want the volunteers and the refugees critical information with this summary, give to the German labour market at your fingertips. It is important, in talks with the refugees, to explain the high standards of the German labour market. Continue to the refugees about the need to dual training be informed. Often lack appropriate knowledge base.

What do the refugees know necessarily?

1. The lack, as Assistant, to be able to fashion a predictable future.
2. The advantages of the dual education system and thus the invitation to start a training. It is up to the 40. Year of life promoted.
3. Education protects from deportation, valid up to the age of 25 Years. (up to the end of the training + 2 Years) Asylum package II

New! 25.5.2015
Who as a refugee ( until 39 Years) Training begins, to may remain for their entire duration in Germany. Who after training within 6 Months to find a job, must remain in Germany.

Benefits of dual training

Barely there are offers made to who wishes to work with less education in Germany. Before 30-40 There was a sufficient potential for labourers and work on the band years, of the workers without any prior knowledge was taught.

C. Read newspaper in the Rhine Neckar
The advantages of a dual education program about industrial mechanic or mechatronic engineers were hard to convey the refugees, because they had no experience with such a system, said smoke. The dual training is only available in Germany, Austria and the Switzerland. "The refugees have no parents, no friend and no teachers, from my own experience say that: Get an education, that was good for us and it's also good for you."

B. You can read in the:
IAB study: Germany has hardly any jobs for low-skilled
The prospects are bleak for people with poor education: 45 Percent of the unemployed in Germany are, according to a study by the Institute for labour market- Research (IAB) only for volunteers- and teach activities sufficiently qualified. "This level reflect only 14 Percent of jobs"

A. Read at Wikipedia
Aid worker, Assistant, Choice, Work experience internship, Mate, Helper or stooge, historical action servants or clamping man, Education-statistically low skilled is a job title for a worker without (industry-specific) Vocational training, the ancillary activities carried out. It represents the lowest occupational class educational attainment by occupation.

The dual system of training the practice in operation uniquely combines with the theoretical foundations of the school. Trainees can benefit from 'learning by doing' only.

Here are a few explanatory videos on the topic "Dual training"

You are a further way of training in the dual education system Vocational college schools

We have compiled some information from the education portal North Rhine-Westphalia:

Quote: Vocational college

Educational objective of the vocational colleges is a comprehensive professional, social and personal leadership skills and preparing for a lifelong learning. This will allow the graduates and alumni, to participate in increasingly internationally shaped developments in society and the economy and help shape them actively.

The vocational college in North Rhine-Westphalia is a type of upper secondary education. It is similar to the professional schools in other States. The vocational College provides a differentiated education system in simple- and double qualifying education a vocational qualification (professional knowledge, vocational training and professional qualifications). Can also by the secondary school all general education qualifications to the General University entrance acquired or. be made up

Video :
" The vocational college - explained simply" at

Vocational college schools in the District of Viersen:

How much is the dual training and how much money is

Further details are exemplary compiled:

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Maximum height of the BAB at admitted with your own apartment - up to the age of 39 Years

A trainee with own apartment can claim maximum of the following requirements:

1. Living
348 Euro support to the living
149 Euro Mietpausschale
75 Euro rent supplement, If the rent is over 146 Euro is located.
572 Euro maximum

2. Individual travel costs

Trips to the operating and the vocational school
1 Home monthly
476 Euro maximum

3. Other expenses:
17 Euro distance learning fees
12 Euro work clothing euro
130 Euro child care costs
159 Euro maximum

Overall, a need for can a maximum of 1207 Euro be calculated. On the demand, which are however own and the income of the parents!

Not only the adult education is to the heart, but also the education of
Children and young people.
Using a PDF, I want to show the way of education for young people.