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Driving test now available in Arabic

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Arabic was long to the languages, where the theoretical examination could be completed. 2011 However, the catalog of possible languages in Germany was reduced to eleven. Arabic was at that time out.

Transport Minister Alexander Dobrindt has signed the regulation: In the future the theory exam in Arabic language can be placed. At the latest on the 1. October 2016 must have driver's licence applicant.

With this measure, the authorities respond to the strong immigration of people from Arabic-speaking countries. Immigrants from many different regions speak a variety of different Arabic dialects, Why Arabic was chosen as the greatest common denominator

Who wants to take the theoretical driving test in a foreign language, must make a request with the competent road transport Office. In addition to Arabic and of course German is still in English, French, Greek, Italian, Polish, Portuguese, Romanian, Russian, Croatian, Spanish and Turkish checked.


To facilitate training for the Arabic-speaking population there are some teaching aids which we here present.

nl72_arabischOnline licence training there now - just in time for the announcement of Arabic as the official language of examination - in addition to the eleven official languages in Arabic. As you can with "Continue learning max" already now prepare the theoretical driving test

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Taking no chances with the exam preparation!
Get the code for a high-quality app, which will be sold only through driving schools.

Available in 12 Languages: Deutsch, English, French, Greek, Italian, Polish, Portuguese, Romanian, Russian, Serbo-Croat, Spanish, Turkish

Education sales gründlThis material is specially designed for foreign learner and helps prepare the theoretical driving test

zwischenstrichWe here imagine some videos in Arabic for the Arabic speaking population

You can find more videos here klicken



Reiner road 4
Wire: 02153-912722

Lobbericher road 40
Wire: 02153-956799

Sweeping Street 28a
Wire: 02157- 125 702

The direct line:

What must I do to obtain a driving licence in Germany
ماذا علي أن أفعل للحصول على رخصة قيادة


General information:

GIBT's in your Driving school and at the Traffic Bureau HTTPS://
* Addresses:
Driver's license point DMV Viersen,
City Hall square 3, 41747 Viersen, Room 0133, Phone 02162 391 561
ADAC North Rhine
Bismarck str. 17 41061 Mönchengladbach, Phone 0800 510 1112

Prior possession of a driving licence in a country outside the EU:

A driver's license, which was purchased outside the European Union, is valid for only six months in Germany and must be rewritten.

The following documents are necessary:

  • The Driver's license and a recognized Translation and classification (z. B. through the ADAC in Mönchengladbach *.)
  • A biometric Passport photo
  • A current Eye test
  • A certificate of attendance at a First aid course
  • A copy of a valid Identity document (Residence permit, Passport)
  • One Official fee

With this document, it is personal to the Driver's license Office the Road Transport Office Viersen*, where also your driving school must be specified

There to set how. Are typically theoretical and practical exams prescribed.

However, is no theory necessary. It is therefore possible, without training a theory test to make.

Nevertheless you should be using the Educational material to prepare intensively for this exam.

The practical exam must be performed in a driving school car accompanied by a pedagogical. To do this, it is also no training, and thus also no special trips are necessary.

It is however strongly recommended, A few Driving lessons to the progressg on the exam to take, since experience has shown that the Request a test are different, as the daily use of the car and road transport.

NO prior possession of a driving licence of the home country:

The first acquisition of a driving licence a visit is one Driving school prescribed.

There must be a Driver's license application through the civil registry offices at the road traffic Office in Viersen, What usually does the driving school. For this however, the following are Documents required:

  • A biometric Passport photo
  • A current Eye test
  • A certificate of attendance at a First aid course
  • A copy of a valid Identity document (Residence permit, Passport)
  • One Official fee

Before and during this application you can start with the lessons in the driving school

Hotels on the Car driving licence (Class B) must be at least 14 times most Theory lessons be part

That Teaching material is in german, English, French, Greek, Italian, Spanish, Croatian, Polish, Portuguese, Romanian, Russian, Turkish and now also in high Arabic available.

The Arabic Version is currently only as Online program for Computer and Smartphone to get. Included are German and English.

There are no textbooks in Arabic unfortunately.

The theory test will be at the TÜV Mönchengladbach and its branches, z.B. in Viersen and Kempen, carried out. The testing times will be communicated by your driving school.

The practical teaching (Driving lessons) consists of Basic driving lessons and at least 12 Special trips (Overland, Highway- and night driving).

The Number the driving lessons of course greatly depends on the individual learner.

The practical exam for the auto driver's license (Class B) is on 45 Minutes set and shuts in Viersen and surroundings. While an Inspector of TÜV Mönchengladbach and the driving instructor accompanied the learner. Immediately after checking the driver's license will be issued.