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Funding opportunities: Refugees integrate into the labour market

To integrate refugees into the labour market, There are various funding opportunities for companies. Photo: Darius Ramazani

Refugees are highly motivated and want to work. For companies, the refugees set, the State provides numerous funding opportunities. They range from the course to the inclusion grant.

Round 465.000 Refugees were in March 2017 as seeking employment supervised by job centres and employment agency. A large part of them is younger than 35 Years - potential employees, that are needed in the labour market. Almost each tenth enterprise has 2016 Refugees offered an internship or an apprenticeship. The refugees are highly motivated and want to work.

Residence status critical

Recognised refugees can go directly into the labour market. For asylum seekers and tolerated three months may not work in principle. Then there is a limited access to the labour market. This means, that prior to the employment, the Immigration Office must allow the employment.

For permission, the approval of the Federal Agency for work is generally required. This is obtained by the Immigration Office in an official procedure. The immigration authorities decide in individual cases. The work permit is the first step.

Asylum seekers generally also after three months and tolerated even from the first day of their toleration can start a vocational training. She must lead to a recognised professional qualification. Then companies with numerous programs are eligible. Click Read more here