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Flüchtlingsrat NRW – Newsletter August / September 2017

Dear readers!

Most 15.08.2017 published information and technology of North Rhine-Westphalia the country operating (IT. NORTH RHINE-WESTPHALIA)
new numbers of pupils with a migration history in North Rhine-Westphalia. Therefore had 833.666 (33,6 Per cent) by 2.478.161 Students in the general education and vocational schools (without free Waldorf schools and further education colleges) in the school year 2016/17 a migration history. Have in the composition menhang wirkritisiert, that refugee children and – young people in North Rhine-Westphalia State reception centres for months remain unbeschult. Let us therefore together with eleven other organizations and initiatives to the Government with a demand paper and call for improvements in
the schooling situation for many children and young people n, living in State reception centres. In this newsletter we provide our receivables in a post
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