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Viersen – Informationen

On these pages we list city important information un hints about Viersen:Click the Piktograme to obtain the information

We introduce all authorities and offices of Viersen.

For Viersen, we can give you the addresses of more than 11 Doctors
display map with route planner.

See Nettetal 11 Pharmacies

We can help you 16 Lawyers for the Department of asylum show up

In fours are a total 27 Schools

We connect to the database "Öffi" for all links in the Town and district, as well as the portal of the VVR and the Deutsche Bundesbahn

There is a total currently in Viersen 29 Day-care centres and facilities.

Currently maintains the city of Viersen 35 Children's playgrounds

Current bus services and bus stops for Viersen

Press releases|News for refugees from Viersen. You will find national reports here

Meeting in clubs in Viersen to strengthen cooperation and to enter into dialogue with each other.

Maps and information from Viersen and all constituent communities

Many shopping facilities in Viersen

Waste calendar of Viersen - النفايات التقويم من فيرسين