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Refugee assistance: Information about the radio post

Information for citizens

Whether breakfast radio, Online news or your favorite TV series: No matter, where you are right now, join the media of public service broadcasting through the daily life.

For citizens from 18 Years applies: an apartment - a contribution.
Living together several people, only one person pays the contribution of 17,50 Euro a month.

Once you have an own apartment, are they committed to the application of the broadcasting fee
We will enumerate the necessary information in your language:

Information brochure with the most important regulations at a glance in English language. The most important information in the Overview - in English.

Information sur la contribution audiovisual (Broadcast contribution) pour les demandeurs d'asile et personnes read bénéficiant de l ' asile.
Information for Asylum seekers and asylum - in French.

Önemli kurallar ile ilgili bilgilendirme broşürünü buradan indirebilirsiniz.
The most important information in the Überblick – in Türkisch.

Information booklet for the citizens and citizens with the most important rules in Arabic language at a glance
The most important information in the Überblick – in Arabisch.

Baraye متقاضیان پناهندگان f (Broadcast contribution)
Read more مفید der Association BA هزینه "The use of radio and television
It was known as برسمییت refugees (The holder of the Passport, representatives of asylum)

Information for Asylbewerber und Asylberechtigte – in Farsi.