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Aid to refugees for family reunification

Family reunification: Whether children reunion or spouse reunification, the family is reunited!Family reunification: Reunite the family

Alone in a foreign country, While spouses and children wait in the home country: This scenario is for most people with family a Nightmare. But often, national provisions can be at least temporarily no other options Open.

At the latest, If the own status in the new country is clarified, many foreigners can request on Family reunification and their loved ones on this path again close to have.

But what are the conditions for the Family reunion After Germany? May Refugees make a request? And what rights do foreigners, Thanks to Reunion into the land? In this guide you will find answers to the most important questions relating to the Families- and spouse reunification.

Family reunification follows this Principle:

The residence permit for manufacturing and maintaining family life community in Germany for foreign family members (Family reunion) is to protect marriage and the family in accordance with article 6 the basic law issued and extended. (§ 27 Niederlassungs)




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Family reunion
of third-country nationals
After Germany


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