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Refugees: How do I get a catering operation in Germany?

Open business as migrant

Many German cities were without not to recognize its culinary diversity. Not only in large cities such as Berlin, Hamburg or Munich are numerous international restaurants, Bars and Cafés the face of the city and contribute to diversity and quality of life.

On the other hand, it is a great desire for many to Germany who had fled, an own catering company to establish. Finally, some were already in your home countries restaurateurs or Café owner. In the new home, the path towards independence means a chance for integration and social advancement, but on average, it takes for newcomers about 11 Years, until the company is realized. Is this long period in language barriers, financial difficulties and last but not least in the German Behördendschungel. This guide is designed to help, bureaucratic hurdles to overcome and to facilitate the entry into self-employment who fled from non-EU countries.


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