Refugees: To see her life in Germany

Carmen (25) asked for her master's thesis at the University of London refugees from Nettetal and Erkelenz, to document their situation with a symbol photo. RP photo: F.H.Busch photo: Lienen

29. August 2017
Refugees see their lives in Germany


The Psychology student Carmen Lienen from Lobberich shows photos, for her master's thesis “Refugee crisis in pictures” have originated Joachim Burghardt

The photo shows a journey into the unknown. Before her the railroad track in the distance, It is divided. “Thus, a fugitive Syrian expresses its concerns. He doesn't know, How long he can remain in Germany, He has no secure perspective”, explains Carmen Lienen. The Psychology student from Lobberich has interviewed people who had fled for her master's thesis and has let them represent their hopes and fears on photos.

Lienen shows the images from today in the Protestant parish hall in Lobberich: The exhibition “The refugee crisis in pictures: Tell people with flight experience, as they experience Germany” is a documentation of current history.

All abroad started: “During her studies in London and at an internship in Toronto, Canada I got, Germany is how positively, because it has absorbed so many refugees people”, told the 25-year-old. Back in Germany she have experienced more discussions, If you let too many refugees in the country. “The question concerned me but more and more, as refugees people themselves assess their situation.” Read more in the RP-online

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