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Dictionary in 5 Languages for the professional recognition procedure

Professional recognition procedures: Multilingual Dictionary published

A multilingual dictionary for the professional recognition procedure in German, English, Arabic, Persian and Kurdish network published currently by MOZAIK in Bielefeld in the IQ North Rhine-Westphalia. MOZAIK, the nonprofit society for intercultural education- and advisory services, has the publication within the framework of the project “IQ of recognition- and qualification counselling for refugees in the integration points Herford/Minden” created.


The dictionary is designed to be simple to use and practice-oriented. It provides a chronologically structured and understandable overview of terms and concepts of consultation and listed multilingual translated around 500 Terms consulting from the context of the recognition Act and the IQ. The aim is, in particular advisers and consultants in the area of professional recognition for Neueingewanderte and refugees to give a work tool, This makes it easier to communicate with the Anerkennungssuchenden. MOZAIK is project partners of part of in the IQ Network North Rhine-Westphalia.


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