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Invitation movie night "New country" and panel discussion

image004Week shows within the framework of the intercultural in Kamp-Lintfort
30.09.2016 to 18:00 Watch
the Association Integration.Flüchtlinge.Kamp Lintfort.e.V the movie
"New country"
in the Diesterweg-Forum
VHS Auditorium, Vinnstr. 40, 47475 Kamp-Lintfort
Admission is free.

NEULAND is engaged, brings the portrayed individuals a, refuted prejudice - a captivating, sensitive and haunting film.

Then one finds Panel discussion with actors from working with refugees instead.

Content: You have come a long way - by plane, Train, Bus or boat. Now they find themselves in the integration class of teacher Christian Zingg in Basel, where young people from all over the world two years learn language and culture of our country. Among them the 19-year old Entry'ehsanullah from Afghanistan, crossed the sea in an inflatable boat and mountains on foot. Or the Albanian brothers and sisters Hizen and Ismail, that left their homeland for family reasons and are now under the father and his new wife.

As the three all in Christian Zingg class hope, to leave their past behind them and to be able to live their dreams in the Switzerland. The teacher makes it no illusions himself and them, that it is difficult, to find a career in a foreign country. However, Mr Zingg is not tired, the faith to strengthen his pupils to itself and to a better future.

Director: Anna Thommens documentary film excellent in numerous festivals opens the view into a world, She knows you so hardly. Skillfully the Director weaves together various, sensitively observed stories.

With kind regards
Jennifer block

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