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the “1. Grefrather job board” has been terminated early evening!

Dear readers,

the “1. Grefrather job board” has been terminated early evening!

First of all I would like to everyone involved, above all, Ute Straeten and Sabine Gebert of the “Integration point Viersen” and Christina slip of the “Employer service of the job Center Kempen” warmly thank for your presence and the use of associated! You have done a great job and could help many job seekers! Thank you!

13615194_741092306033446_2837323109945457332_nIt was pretty much run through the afternoon across. There were many positive approaches, but unfortunately also some not so nice things were there. There were people questioning and seeking to work, which unfortunately not always be helped could. Because first and foremost the commercial professions were unfortunately not on sale! That is might not necessarily taken up positively by any Besuicher, but we ask for a little patience! We are able to learn and have always stressed, that we can take over no guarantee for a job!

It was the first time, which held the job market was and of course unfortunately not everything can run around.

But we can draw the conclusion, that many citizens of the town of Grefrath have found the way to OEDT in the Catholic Youth Center and there are actually some people, also a work have found about this event or. their future with the prospect of a job will look better. Many local people were really about the afternoon and many meetings were held. There was barely time to take photos to make.

We will take over the job market in any case as a permanent institution in our Veranstlungsprogramm, as we have seen, that the response in the population is very large. And we will try this every all 3 until 4 Months to repeat.

And is top on the agenda, We need to get more employers to the tables! Since we now, but working on it!


Eckhard Kamińska