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The new Integration Act – Chances for the German labour market

Das_neue_Integrationsgesetz_-_Chancen_fuer_den_deutschen_Arbeitsmarkt_Insight_Baker_McKenzie_-_2016-07-11The law firm Baker & McKenzie wrote a comment about the new Integration Act, I think the very worth reading.

The Federal Minister for labour and Social Affairs Andrea Nahles want's "tackle", namely the integration of the thousands of refugees, that have come up in recent months after Germany. She sees a "huge opportunity" herein not only for foreign people.
The German labour market could and should benefit from the influx of. An integration law was brought on the way, with the refugees 'promote and demand "should be. The aim is, People with a good perspective of the place as quickly as possible into society and the labour market to integrate. The acquisition of the German language as well as an appropriate vocational qualification play an important role in this. Criticized for years, that's missing the German labor market to numerous professionals. With the new Integration Act should the legal framework for integration and qualification improved coming to Germany, People seeking protection to be created, last but not least cover part of the so-called "shortage" with them.

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New integration law: Also rejected asylum seekers can remain

Following the rejection of his asylum application, the migrant is an employer, which gives him an apprenticeship. Then he gets a tolerance, so a temporary right to stay for three years. Then he gets half a year time to job search and finally two years to exercise the workplace”, so the expert.

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