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Looking for used computers for refugees

Refugees in the District of Viersen urgently looking for computer

Today hardly anyone without a computer comes out. Also residing in the District of Viersen refugees not, which are managed by us.
You want to learn German, search for jobs, Learn about Germany and much more.

If you have discarded Laptops have, the US could make available, then we and especially refugees living here would be very happy.

I set up in the refugee accommodation PC stations a, so that all residents enjoy a reasonable Internet connection. In addition, refugees receive a laptop , If this is important for your professional advancement.

The laptops / computers are all on Linux retooled, so that your old data are permanently gone.

Please offer us only working computer. We can not undertake repairs.

Should be donated to larger company stocks and security concern, can we adopt this without hard drives.

How to contact with map
Peter Lehnert
02157 1249862

The computer may also like to Closet”from hand to hand” bring!

In the meantime, we could equip all refugee homes with Wi-Fi!

IMAG0797-300 x 169We were already in early November at Caudebec-ring in Nettetal 2 Install computer. Some donors had signed up and generously equipped us with computer systems.

In particular, it is noted, that us the Free radio generous have equipped with the necessary routers and repeaters, that only a safe operation was possible. Our special thanks to Mr Lars Bühler of the Free radio, He pointed out the difficult installations.

Recently we received a generous donation of Company dLAN_Adapter_Internet_und_WLAN_ueberall_-_devolo_AG_-_2016-06-02Devolo. Endowed us with Wi-Fi and LAN plugs. Thus, it was possible to us, to equip the entire building with the Internet over power lines.

Weeks ago installed the free radio operators in the former secondary modern school at Lobberich Wi-Fi. IMAG0877-300 x 169Most 5. December we have established the first laptops. Immediately, a huge crowd was created.

The installation is particularly important here in the former secondary modern school, Since the school as emergency room and first contact serves and the refugees are now for the first time in the position, Contacts to take home.

In the meantime I could the accommodation in Kaldenkirchen-Banhofstrasse, Breslauer str. and Industrial str. as well as the Lobbericherstrasse, CaudebecRing and Tasty break be equipped with Internet. So that we can also set up computer. More than 450 Refugees now have access to the Internet.