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Refugees: To see her life in Germany

Carmen (25) asked for her master's thesis at the University of London refugees from Nettetal and Erkelenz, to document their situation with a symbol photo. RP photo: F.H.Busch photo: Lienen

29. August 2017
Refugees see their lives in Germany


The Psychology student Carmen Lienen from Lobberich shows photos, for her master's thesis “Refugee crisis in pictures” have originated Joachim Burghardt

The photo shows a journey into the unknown. Before her the railroad track in the distance, It is divided. “Thus, a fugitive Syrian expresses its concerns. He doesn't know, How long he can remain in Germany, He has no secure perspective”, explains Carmen Lienen. The Psychology student from Lobberich has interviewed people who had fled for her master's thesis and has let them represent their hopes and fears on photos. Continue reading Refugees: To see her life in Germany

So it goes now for Bivsi and her family

Bivsi is received at the airport by friends

Düsseldorf. Since Wednesday morning the 15 year old pupil Bivsi Rana is with her parents back in Germany. The family hopes, to be able to quickly resume their old lives. Here the most important questions and answers, how it continues now with the family. By Franziska Hein

The media interest is huge, Flashbulbs receives the 15 year old Bivsi Rana, as she leaves the Terminal at Düsseldorf Airport on Wednesday morning. First, she drops her brother around the neck, He takes the family to Duisburg in their old apartment. Continue reading So it goes now for Bivsi and her family

Up to 30 Millions a year for integration of refugees

Refugees at a uni-launch event (Icon image).

Düsseldorf. Education is essential for a better life for refugees. The North Rhine-Westphalian universities heavily involved, paving the way in a study who had fled.

Press Agency in Düsseldorf as the NRW Ministry of science on inquiry informed the Germans, represents the country since the winter semester 2016/17 up to 30 Millions of euros per year for the integration of refugees in colleges available. According to the German Academic Exchange service (DAAD) in Bonn have since then 30 by 34 eligible universities raise funds for the program “NRWege in study” advertised. Continue reading Up to 30 Millions a year for integration of refugees

Caritas wants to break down language barriers

Kevelaer. The Volunteer Center of the Caritasverband funds Kevelaer searches for the specialist service “Integration and migration” Linguists, who speak German and at least one more language and are ready, volunteer to translate. With the help of linguists language barriers can be overcome and supports people with a migration background.

Are important for the task as linguists – In addition to the pure language skills – Reliability and discretion. Languages, especially needed, are Russian, Afghan and French.Read more in the RP-ONLINE

Tailor's shop for refugees seamstresses

The Schneider Studio "Stitch by stitch" in Frankfurt, who had fled women employed. Photo: Bernd Hartung
Integration project in Frankfurt
Stitch for stitch in the future

Build a tailor's shop with refugees seamstresses and traditional techniques of from different cultures combine with modern design. These were the ideas of Claudia Frick and Nicole Alvensleben from Frankfurt/Main. Together with women from Syria, Iran and Afghanistan make it for local fashion labels.

Read More

Refugees as Baker| “Where one does, don't care”

Photo: /Pelzl/Resch fresh (3) Syrians Amer Ojo (Li.) want at Resch & Freshen up an apprentice degree

Refugees as Baker: Mohnflesserl instead of pita bread

Resch & Fresh in Wels offers a program for integrating work - refugees and benefited.

Four seconds: Amer Ojo takes so long, with a few deft hand movements a Mohnflesserl (for the not Upper Austria: a Mohnstriezerl) braid. The 26-year old Syrian is at a table in the Resch-&- Fresh craft bakery in Wels. In the course of the day, Ojo is up to 54 different types of bread mold. Learned he has it on his first work day in August.

“A stroke of luck”

Amer Ojo was a German language course in Linz “discovered”. The Syrians in Damascus has worked as a Baker. Continue reading Refugees as Baker| “Where one does, don't care”

Target: Study in Germany! Are all terrorists

LEEN (Name changed, M.) helps the two Syrians in Syria, Sharif al-Sharif (L.) and Mahmoud Almizel (R.) in an advanced mathematics in the preparatory course of the free University of Berlin with a task source: picture alliance / DPA

These are all terrorists", says the grandmother of the new partner

Thousands of refugees want to study in Germany. How much time, Work and energy they need to invest for this, shows the example of a young Syrian. He could also fail.

Mar A. is young, male and Muslim. That's enough, to put some Germans on alert, thinks Omar. Therefore, the young Syrian searches the conversation. Continue reading Target: Study in Germany! Are all terrorists

Refugees camp in the snow!

Who had fled freezing to death in camps in Greece and must be distributed quickly

a severe winter slowdown in Greece with Minusgraden...unvorstellbar, What is going on in the camps. Collapses the power supply and gas supply in some places. The situation for the people living in the Greek camps can be devastating.

Refugees must be distributed at last faster Continue reading Refugees camp in the snow!

Each refugee needs a pilot

Call for the aid to refugees in the District of Viersen!

The former McKinsey consultant and former head of Lageso, Sebastian Muschter, warns against a failure of integration policies. It is not too late for a pilot system. Source: The world

Ex-Lageso-chef Muschter warns the failure of immigration policy. He sees the danger, lot of money and time to lose, and at the end to "integrate only the, which would have incorporated anyway". Continue reading Each refugee needs a pilot

Refugee from Kempen/Tönisvorst | Alimadad-deportation makes waves on

Shortly before Christmas, there was a demonstration against mass deportations in the butter market after Afghanistan. Was N also to the case of Alimadad.

The district Viersen justified the repatriation of the 20 year-old Afghans, including two final Strafbefehlen. There's even another judgment, had the but no effect on the deportation. Kempen/Tönisvorst. The deportation of the 20th Alimadad N. After Afghanistan, Viersen makes high waves in the district. Continue reading Refugee from Kempen/Tönisvorst | Alimadad-deportation makes waves on

Refugee assistance: Work based on the eight everyday companion

Kamp-Lintfort: Professional: Refugee helpers

PHOTO: Christoph Reichwein

Kamp-Lintfort. Eight everyday companion help refugees since October in a pilot project of social services and job Center, to find your way in Kamp-Lintfort. Their conclusion is positive. By Anja Katzke

Create confidence, This is the working base of the eight everyday companion. “Otherwise, our work would not work”, says Eddy Khajjou. “We are the bridge between the cultures.” Since October Khajjou and seven more everyday companion refugees assist in, Continue reading Refugee assistance: Work based on the eight everyday companion

Centers set up in the vicinity of airports

Thomas de Maizière
Interior Minister wants to “Federal travel centers” for rejected asylum seekers

Interior Minister de Maizière wants faster return rejected asylum seekers to their home country. For centers of the Federal Government in the vicinity of airports to be built.

In the face of the terror threat in Germany Federal Interior Minister Thomas de Maizière has called for more powers for the Federal. In a guest post for the “Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung” He presented several proposals: Continue reading Centers set up in the vicinity of airports

Help refugees jobs – but the hurdles are high

"German virtues are expected at us"
By Tobias Halloran, Hohenmölsen

An internship, German course and a perspective: A farm machinery manufacturer from Saxony-Anhalt refugees wanted to facilitate entry into the labour market. Now he recognizes, how hard is that. Source: The world

Medium-sized companies in Germany want to help refugees to jobs – but the hurdles are high. How difficult is the integration, show current figures of the federal employment agency.

Sparks in the production hall, While Abdoulah B.zadik routinely dragging off a metal component. The 23-year-old bends over the Vice and check his work more closely again, before he once again raises the angle grinder and make final improvements. Continue reading Help refugees jobs – but the hurdles are high

Minimum wage exemption for refugees and immigrants?

Federal Government plans to add exceptions for refugees at the minimum wage

© Jens-Ulrich Koch / dpa for refugees, need more professional practice for the recognition of foreign professional financial statements, shall not constitute the minimum wage obligation.

• Federal Government is considering exceptions for refugees and immigrants, the need to qualify for.

• Is the time of to learn so as a compulsory internship to evaluate and “This is not covered by the minimum wage obligation”.

• The Federal Association of German employers associations (BDA) is against special rules for refugees.

For refugees and immigrants, which qualify for recognition of foreign professional accounts in Germany, no minimum wage apply to in this time. Continue reading Minimum wage exemption for refugees and immigrants?

Federal departure centers for dangerous rejected asylum seekers

De Maizière for detention

A prison (Symbol photo). Photo: Andreas Arnold
Interior Minister de Maizière will present new proposals to the deportation. So you want to rejected asylum seekers, apply as a threat to public safety, in detention.

Minister of the Interior Thomas de Maizière (CDU) has presented new proposals to the deportation. In an article for the "Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung". (Tuesday) It goes beyond the requirements, He has presented in a draft of the law. Continue reading Federal departure centers for dangerous rejected asylum seekers

Refugees are betrayed on the housing market!

Foreigners have worse opportunities than residents in the housing market, and refugees have very little prospect of rental apartments. (Imago / JOKER)

The business of black agents

As refugees on the housing market are being cheated

Refugees have poor chances for a place to rent, even if the Office pays the rent. Therefore a black market has emerged in some places: Together with corrupt employees of housing associations some migrants have specialized, Compatriots against bribe cheap apartments to hills to. By Christian Werner and Tarek Khello

In the middle of the Centre of Leipzig, the middleman of a criminal gang is waiting. He hopes for a payoff. The man, He is Syrian, got an apartment for a young compatriot. Under the hand of – and against 550 Euro. Continue reading Refugees are betrayed on the housing market!