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Computers will be distributed to refugees!

André Menzel (Picture on the left)-Project management IT & Processes TREDY Handels GmbH 41379 Brüggen passes the computer and printer

Schwalmtal – Nettetal
Aid to refugees is pleased about 40 Calculator

The helpers distribute the computers on young refugees, make a training! Peter Lehnert from Nettetal gets shiny eyes, When he sees the donation, the André Menzel, Head of IT and logistics at the company Tredy, passes him and his cohorts in the refugee assistance. Continue reading Computers will be distributed to refugees!

A House with eight apartments for 30 Refugees

The time capsule Ont MLA Board Member Dieter Thelen (v.l), Architect Martin Sulke, Mayor Michael Pesch, Günter Werner of the Supervisory Board of the MLA as well as MLA officer Ademola según yesterday a. PHOTO: Heike Ahlen

Schwalmtal. On the Fischelner road in Schwalmtal laid the foundation stone for a House with eight apartments. First asylum seekers to move there. Another House on the highway in Waldniel is already under construction Von Heike Ahlen

Round 400 Seekers have come in the last year according to Schwalm Valley. A part has already received recognition from them, as Mayor Michael Pesch (CDU) yesterday, said at the groundbreaking ceremony for a new House on the Fischelner road. And these people need language courses now, an introduction to the rules of coexistence and living room. Continue reading A House with eight apartments for 30 Refugees

To-do list for the integration

Fig. 1In the summer, there were three discussion forums, to get an integration concept for Schwalm Valley. Now a district-wide approach is planned by Birgitta Ronge

Their own integration concept for Schwalm Valley will not be for the time being. This is the result of the most recent meeting of the Committee on demography and social. With four votes against the majority decided, to follow the proposal of the Administration and to develop a concept.
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Schwalmtal wants to improve aid for refugees with roundtables

Schwalmtal. In Schwalmtal, many people strive for the integration of refugees. In forums you can now Exchange and better networking. Currently living just below 400 Refugees in Schwalmtal. Since February, there have been no new assignments. Also, If now soon, refugees are distributed, First, no new roommate gets Schwalmtal. Because the District Government Arnsberg takes into account the communities first, the their inclusion rate to less than 90 Percent have met. Schwalmtal is currently, however 95 Percent.

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