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Refugee aid paradox
At this point, we report on abuses of the refugee in the bureaucratic process and problems of committed Ehrenämtler in Germany. We want to show you, as aid to refugees not should be, in the hope of, to be able to remove the trouble out of the way by public interest.

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Well integrated Lebanese struggles against authority arbitrariness! Role to the right?

Mohamad was supposed Sari to the 1. August in Süchteln begin training to the Pack media technologists. But the immigration authorities deprived him a few days in advance of the work permit. PHOTO: Squire

30. September 2017 / Viersens City Council requires access to the file

The elected representatives exercise their right, the City Government to control. You want to inspect files. The reason is the case of a well-integrated Lebanese, the city withdrew the work permit


It is an exceptional operation, It occurred in the most recent meeting of the Viersen City Council: Members of the Council want to control the activities of the foreigners authority, will take to inspect files. Continue reading Well integrated Lebanese struggles against authority arbitrariness! Role to the right?

Tolerated Lam: Unemployed instead of teaching

Friends gathered before the foreigners authority, Members of the left and the link youth, to Mohamad Abou Sari (2.v.r.) to support.

Viersen. Almost 40 Mohamad fares Abou minutes saris’ Appointment to the immigration authorities of the city of Viersen. The 29-year-old come out, goes the steps in front of the main entrance down slowly, stops on the sidewalk. He acts shocked. Nadine Fischer

“Now I have nothing”, says the Lebanese. “No work, no training.” Around him members of the party are a dozen yesterday morning, the left and the link youth. You have gathered there, to call attention to his case, to show him: You're not alone. Continue reading Tolerated Lam: Unemployed instead of teaching

Willich: Refugee work in danger

Henning Ehlers (4. from the right), Head of Department of the AWO District Association, praises the work of Jutta van Amern (3. from the right) and Robert Miller (right). PHOTO: Wolfgang Kaiser

The District Association of Arbeiterwohlfahrt cares about the refugee care in Willich. Because the city wants half a post shorten. For this reason the declining numbers of refugees are By Bianca hits

If those in charge of the District of Viersen of Arbeiterwohlfahrt (AWO) look on the refugee work in Willich, are they extremely satisfied. Jutta van Amern and her colleague Robert Muellers work on each a half place hand in hand for the people. Continue reading Willich: Refugee work in danger

Unitymedia advertisers! Language knowledge to exploited by refugees.

Consumer protection warns of Unitymedia recruiters
Mönchengladbach. The accusation: At the doorstep, the language knowledge would deliberately exploited by refugees. By Gabi Peters

First it hit senior citizens primarily, then were refugees in the focus of Unitymedia recruiters, the with “unfair” Methods are. At Mönchengladbach consumer advice, complaints are piling up, that at doorstep specifically the lack of linguistic knowledge exploited by refugees and foreign citizens, to complete contracts. Continue reading Unitymedia advertisers! Language knowledge to exploited by refugees.

Lack of personnel in refugee homes boosted crime

Police officers alone won't make it
Thus young refugees do not become criminals, Germany needs more education. A comment by Caterina Loben Kanani

The 17 year-old Ripon from Bangladesh in his room at a home for unaccompanied minor refugees © Angelika Warmuth/dpa

Below is a zusammsenstellung of the facts:

  • What does it take, Thus, refugee , to the offender will not?
  • UNICEF Germany thinks, the service is abysmal!
  • If you want to avoid, that young refugees become criminals, should fight not the staff shortage in the police force, but the lack of personnel in refugee homes.
  • Politician, currently the loudest about criminal refugees complain that (Seehofer), have the AIDS for young seekers einzuschränkt.

Read the entire report in the

Health care: Refugees in Nettetal are left in the lurch

Helping hands

Very poor management: At the beginning of the refugee social services for the ill treatment of refugees no longer assumes the costs, on the other hand the job Center does not absorb these costs at this time also still, Since there first must be requested a pension number.

The health insurance company cannot be involved with the pension number. Usually actually take two to three months up to the allocation of pension number, It took half a year but sometimes, has the refugees in the Krankeitsfall, the problem to be uninsured. Continue reading Health care: Refugees in Nettetal are left in the lurch

Starvation of refugees – Working Group asylum and human rights

Open letter to the Mayor in Kempen

Fig. 1

Given to: The town of Kempen, not for the asylum law tightened of the last time is directly responsible. The town of Kempen also not directly responsible, that as one of the consequences of these aggravations, refugees have lost their jobs overnight, because has been communicated to employers by the foreigners authority, the work permit would withdrawn with immediate effect. A lot more responsible however is the town of Kempen for, that the social security office now a refugee (soon others?) After the sudden loss of the job not the usual services had, but only a weekly voucher in the amount of 40,- € (to illustrate, I enclose a voucher of copy of). Once a week he can redeem this coupon as a whole, must try this pretty much 40,- € to meet, because change is not returned. 160,- € per month in the form of 4 Vouchers - this allows as little more than a being hard on the border of starvation. Continue reading Starvation of refugees – Working Group asylum and human rights

It is a lesson in absurd German bureaucracy

  • How does the State refugees on the integration
  • The Syrians were a godsend in the refugee crisis
© www.patrick Munzer Sam (front) and Danie Alnouri examine a patient

The refugee clinic at the hospital Neumünster was unique in Germany. Syrian doctors there took care of compatriots. But now a further Syrian provides precisely the closure.

Danie Alnouri can hardly hide his disappointment. “We have promised, that we can continue to work. That everything will be good.” The Syrian doctor from Aleppo until recently was hired at the Friedrich-Ebert-hospital in Neumünster, in the so-called refugee ambulance - a nationwide unique pilot project.

But the ambulance in Schleswig-Holstein is history for the time being. A few days ago, she was officially closed. Alnouri and his Syrian colleague Munzer Shekko had cancelled. For the Amblanz was thus sealed. Continue reading It is a lesson in absurd German bureaucracy

24 hours warning of refugee volunteers in Bavaria

14212167_1853276501573243_4910268851598569624_nCall of the Association "Integration LLäuft e.V." from Landsberg in Bavaria.
This calls for the 1. October one 24 hours warning of refugee volunteers on, including a large rally in the main square in Landsberg. With this warning to appear on the policy, so it can go on.
With the new laws and law tightening both the refugee, as well as the volunteers nationwide to their limits. With the haphazard implementation of the new Integration Act, in particular the retroactive implementation of the residence requirements, is reached now a point, where we must act. The grievances and the be associated- and prevention of integration are piling up so, It is no longer acceptable. Currently, now even the support for traumatized refugees to be reduced and also the care of unaccompanied underage young people should be trimmed. It is just enough! Integration is a human right and not a political game ball! Refugees people may no longer like chess pieces and- and be pushed and be exposed to the arbitrariness of the authorities!

Continue reading 24 hours warning of refugee volunteers in Bavaria