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Human plus baby milk sent to Aleppo

At issue in Syria, children and women have priority.

Nettetal. Human plus has an another truck of the charity 22 Relief supplies of tons of loaded on the way in the region of Aleppo in northern Syria. First, in may, the Nettetaler had 38 Sent tons of food in the region in the crisis in the Middle East. This time, food and baby milk are located in the truck. “The relief supplies are for many people, fled from Aleppo, the hand to mouth living”, says Chairman Anestis Ioannidis. “The need is still great, our help more than ever.” Continue reading Human plus baby milk sent to Aleppo

Author collects disturbing and joyful images of refugees

Nicole Schröder shows drawings, the refugees children have been made. They are now published in a book.

Nettetal. Nicole Schröder from Leutherheide has let paint refugee children at a primary school in Essen. 200 Drawings appear as a book Joachim Burghardt

So otherwise not known, the artist always so cheerful and lively: “That was very moving, I went right to heart”, tells Nicole Schröder. It is known as children's songs author named Lilli Morgenstern. Now she tells quietly about their current project. She worked with refugee children in the Essen Maria Kunigunda elementary school and had paint these pictures of their past and their new home. The work will be published now in an exhibition and a book. Continue reading Author collects disturbing and joyful images of refugees

Refugees Nettetal! Only a few can find an apartment in Nettetal

New social housing has been used on the main road. However, the demand of refugees is greater than the offer. PHOTO: Jobu

Missing housing for refugees

Even after the recognition as asylum seekers, many live on in urban accommodation. Only a few can find an apartment in Nettetal. The city wants to create therefore more living space By Daniela Bush k.

The city of Nettetal has recorded no new refugees since the end of January. This informed the members of the integration Council INA Panahi Schmitz now. However, there is further need for action in this area. “In the housing market, there is little opportunity”, says the head of the Department of Social Affairs. The consequence of: Even after recognition as asylum seekers, the people in the shelters remain, because they lack an alternative. All twelve community units in operation is up-to-date.

To the 31. There was March throughout the city 452 People, that had made an application for asylum. Meanwhile a state change has taken place according to Panahi said for many: “Her request for asylum was recognized. Thus, they are no longer as asylum seekers entered and no longer considered the refugee absorption law.” Read more in the RP-online


Read also sponsor exchange for refugees in Nettetal and the district Viersen

Not a refugee home on the Kneppenhof in Hinsbeck

He was once used for agriculture, converted to a nightclub. Apartments for displaced families are in the building B. Building part A should no longer be converted. RP photo: F.H.Busch photo: Kneppenhof

| Nettetal City waives refugee home

Other than first planned the Kneppenhof is rebuilt A at Hinsbeck not to a refugee home. Currently, the city with the community accommodation comes out. Are looking for homes for asylum seekers but By Manfred MEIs Continue reading Not a refugee home on the Kneppenhof in Hinsbeck

Afghan car mechanic works well with success in Nettetal

Dahunsi ekhlas (26) trained at Leven commercial vehicles to the Kraftfahrzeugsmechatroniker with specialization in commercial vehicles. PHOTO: I. Raupold

A fugitive starts from scratch!

Dahunsi ekhlas from Afghanistan is training to commercial vehicles at the Nettetal-based company Leven to the auto mechanic – and to use previous knowledge. By Jan Sainsbury

Violet Tuesday had Dahunsi ekhlas pain in the eye. He tried, a doctor visit, but – due to Carnival – before closed doors. Instead he came randomly in the crazy hustle and bustle, passed as the Zoch – and celebrated without further ADO. “Everyone laughed”, says the 26 year-old, still a little amazed. “If you can laugh out loud, is everything better.” Continue reading Afghan car mechanic works well with success in Nettetal

Artists Symposium with Syrian artists

PHOTO: Artist Ibrahim Alawad

Syrians creates a sculpture for Hinsbeck

The peace garden is to be extended to a new work of art. It organizes the transport- and again an art Symposium beautification Club and now is looking for donors

The traffic- and beautification Club Hinsbeck is again planning an art Symposium. Like the previous projects, the financing is difficult again, Continue reading Artists Symposium with Syrian artists

Computers will be distributed to refugees!

André Menzel (Picture on the left)-Project management IT & Processes TREDY Handels GmbH 41379 Brüggen passes the computer and printer

Schwalmtal – Nettetal
Aid to refugees is pleased about 40 Calculator

The helpers distribute the computers on young refugees, make a training! Peter Lehnert from Nettetal gets shiny eyes, When he sees the donation, the André Menzel, Head of IT and logistics at the company Tredy, passes him and his cohorts in the refugee assistance. Continue reading Computers will be distributed to refugees!

Refugee children paint: Baby and skull, Gun and heart

Pistols and hearts: The flag of Maisa. PHOTO: Community Office

3. December 2016 Nettetal
Flags show home feeling of refugee children

Baby and skull, Gun and heart: These are the pictures, the children who had fled associate with the term home. What moves you, what they have seen, have painted the children from different countries, subscribed and affixed as photos. Impressive collages are created. These unusual works of art are regarded as a huge flags. Culture flags means the project, now in Nettetal civil Office was presented, and that in the future as a touring exhibition will be shown. Continue reading Refugee children paint: Baby and skull, Gun and heart

200 Soon new refugees are assigned to the city of Nettetal

Simple as possible, But even so, that the building can serve other later purposes, Let the refugee home in Lobberich build the city. PHOTO: Burghardt

Still you can create courses, but a long-term lack of affordable housing for recognised asylum seekers Joachim Burghardt

The great refugee wave is fizzled, so it seems – a fallacy: “Come almost unnoticed by the general public 1500 Refugees a week after North Rhine-Westphalia”, reported Mayor Christian Wagner (CDU). That have impact lung on Nettetal, as explained in the Committee on Social Affairs Wagner. Continue reading 200 Soon new refugees are assigned to the city of Nettetal

Volunteers of the refugee aid could laugh

Magician Schmitz Backes youth home decorated with toilet paper. PHOTO: Burghardt

Schmitz Michael brings volunteers laugh

The magician thanked people with a benefit show, the refugee help engage in which Joachim Burghardt

You might be rich with him, If doing everything right things were: The man in the old-fashioned Undershirts, with the thick glasses and the CAP so just a 50-euro note into a hundred. Continue reading Volunteers of the refugee aid could laugh

“Human plus” Nettetal-based convoy manages to Aleppo

Since 2011 brings the Nettetal-based charity “Human plus” Aid to Syria – our photo shows a boy in the city of Aleppo. PHOTO: Human plus

12. October 2016 | Nettetal
Yesterday thundered again Russian fighter jets over Aleppo, dropped bombs. What is not possible other charities, has the Nettetal-based charity “Human plus” made possible: Their employees were now more than 50 Tons of relief supplies to Syria. Three trucks transporting food, Baby food and medicines in the embattled city of Birgitta Ronge Continue reading “Human plus” Nettetal-based convoy manages to Aleppo

Refugee children make new flags of their homeland

12. October 2016 | Nettetal
The holiday care of citizens offices at the Paul-Therstappen-Straße 49 under the motto: “Come on, Let me show you my country”. Behind it stands the art project “Culture flags road of cultures”. And that would like to provide a space for children and young people, to sign up with their roots, their home, their experiences and memories, as well as their experiences to deal. And for the children to make flags. “To make visible, to give a voice in the form of images and collages”, explains Manuela Nazemi Bogda, Head of the civil Office in the residential district of bacon er field, the intention. By Inge of the Bruck Continue reading Refugee children make new flags of their homeland

Social housing! Advance for refugees from Nettetal

The new building on the main street was implemented in record time, to get more funding. Similar projects could soon follow. PHOTO: jobu

3. October 2016 | Nettetal
Social housing as a pilot project

On the main road in Kaldenkirchen, Nettetal construction company built a House, the first refugees are accommodated. In the long term to rented the apartments on the social-bound market. Joachim Burghardt

Trees obscure the facade from a distance, to close quite handsomely presented with neat brick and balconies. Modern and functional building from the inside, the eight small apartments are still standing empty. Nothing spectacular so, and yet praised Mayor Christian Wagner (CDU): “This is a pilot project for the city and the district.” On Friday, the city officially assumed the new, as tenants of the building company Nettetal, the first refugees are located, which is intended in the long term, however, as social housing. Continue reading Social housing! Advance for refugees from Nettetal

First 45 Refugees in the Kneppenhof


Although the Council has laid down, that up to 120 People there can be accommodated, comes just one third. Because in Nettetal, the number of refugees declines. Especially families will live there for a maximum three years By Manfred MEIs


Rhetorical punches, especially Hinsbecker have tried civil, to prevent the conversion of the Kneppenhofes in Glabbach in a refugee accommodation. Dozens of requests and complaints, as well as the demand for an immediate halt to construction were received by the Mayor. Continue reading First 45 Refugees in the Kneppenhof

Trainees from Albania!

The apprenticeship, no other wanted

The apprenticeship, no other wanted
Claudia Xhika is trainee at the Café Seeger in Nettetal. PHOTO: Hans-Jürgen Bauer

The confectionery Seeger in Nettetal is hardly trainees. After a few weeks the most candidates jump off. Since July, the owners employ a young Jay - and are more than satisfied. By Emily mustard

Klaudia Xhika learns ice cream now. Chocolate, Vanilla, Nut – clear. But champagne truffles, Sea buckthorn, Marzipan, Peanut-caramel, Almond chocolate and white chocolate can name quickly the 22 year old.

Continue reading Trainees from Albania!

Nettetal – The boat builders of the railway station

Nettetal: The boat builders of the railway station

Jörn Dutch in his workshop: His wooden boats and expertise are nationwide. Jörn Dutch has specialized in wooden boats and restored historical tonnage for museums. He has his shipyard on the Bahnhofstrasse, After the city drove him out of the territory of present-day commercial Venete

Continue reading Nettetal – The boat builders of the railway station