Up to 30 Millions a year for integration of refugees

Refugees at a uni-launch event (Icon image).

Düsseldorf. Education is essential for a better life for refugees. The North Rhine-Westphalian universities heavily involved, paving the way in a study who had fled.

Press Agency in Düsseldorf as the NRW Ministry of science on inquiry informed the Germans, represents the country since the winter semester 2016/17 up to 30 Millions of euros per year for the integration of refugees in colleges available. According to the German Academic Exchange service (DAAD) in Bonn have since then 30 by 34 eligible universities raise funds for the program “NRWege in study” advertised.It also promotes the Ministry in North Rhine-Westphalia with 1,5 Millions of euro 21 additional courses in the program “Executives for Syria”, that the DAAD with resources of the Foreign Ministry already with 200 Hung up on scholarships. In addition to the regular study receive the sponsored a programme, that they should prepare for future leadership in Syria after the war. Also be 56 endangered scholars in nationwide 41 Services promoted – including in seven universities in North Rhine-Westphalia. Read more in the RP-ONLINE

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