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We offer you an entry into the German language with selected video courses

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Video - course Arabic - German

Video - course Persian - German

Video - course Albanian – Deutsch

Video - course Urdu- Deutsch

Video - course Georgian - German


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A companion for your first weeks in Germany

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You have a long and arduous journey behind.

But now you have arrived in Germany. Arriving in German but means much more: Be part of the society, join. This app helps you.

Learn German for asylum seekers
My German book

Welcome ABC

Booklet German learning - now in seven versions

30-NovTitelHefte1-e1454150608927English (5 MB; optimized for s/w printing)

    1. Arabic: low resolution (10 MB) / high resolution (50 MB) / optimized for s/w printing (10 MB)
    2. Farsi (Persian / Iran) (8 MB)
    3. Dari (Persian / Afghanistan) (8 MB)
    4. Tigrinya (Eritrea/Ethiopia) (9 MB)
    5. French (5 MB)
    6. Only German (without translation) (5 MB)

More free language lessons are available here:



s5_logoThe idea of, to develop of a video course to learn the German language for refugees, was September 2015. Ulli Kampelmann was once even refugee and white, how important is it, to feel as welcome. Based on that, called the course SAY HELLO!

Kambelman gives the idea of producing videos Learn German and she has seen many refugees suffering from language problems, previously was a student and she knows how important the feeling of welcoming so I decided to make videos to help refugees learn the language ” Say hello to pay

Booklet to the German teaching and learning in 15 Languages- free download