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Übersicht Praktika Geduldete Asylbewerber

Quick reference "Internships" for asylum seekers and tolerated people

The rules presented in this overview apply only for asylum seekers and tolerated people, are there special requirements to keep in mind. This does not apply to people, that have been recognized as refugees and is a "Residence permit" from international, humanitarian or political reasons have received. They must accept any employment - here companies need to be aware of no special features.

Asylum seekers and tolerated people to take work only with permission of the Immigration Office. The Immigration Office typically the consent of the federal employment agency must (BA) catch up with. When assessing residence is not critical, How to identify an activity. The internship term is used for a wide range of different activities with very different objectives in the. Stay legal assessment requires always
concrete individual cases consideration. What are the requirements in employment by asylum seekers and tolerated persons in this context are to be observed, depends on, how the activity should be specifically designed, so after the actual and objective conditions.

1. Job shadowing
It's to fellows only when such persons, that wishing to gain knowledge of the operational process without inclusion in the operation merely as a "Guest", without this carry out the operational work of economic value. An Assistant looks at the operation and the work processes. He looks the in operation regular workers "over the shoulder". A there is no employment within the meaning of § 7 SGB IV dar.
Therefore no consent is the BA and no approval of the Immigration Office for an assessment needed (§ 4 ABS. 3 i.V.m. § 2 ABS. 2 Niederlassungs).

2. Internships

Interns are people, the practical knowledge to prepare for a future career or education want to acquire through a certain occupational activity in a company. A minimum level of inclusion in the operational procedure is basically placement ratio. In this respect it's internship conditions basically employment, for the so far basically approval of the BA is required. According to the most 29.07.2015 adopted amendment of the employment regulation (BeschV) be excluded in the future certain types of placements from the consent requirement of BA.


Recognition of foreign professional financial statements

Asylum seekers and tolerated, have a foreign qualifications, but is still not recognized in domestic, can exert with the approval of the BA a temporary practice, If this is necessary for the determination of equivalence of foreign professional accounts or obtaining a work permit (§ 32 ABS. 5 Nr. 1 i.V.m. § 8 BeschV).

Aptitude test

Would an employer make a picture, whether an asylum-seeker or tolerated has the suitability for a job, can this article under a measure sponsored by the BA 45 Book III take place. It involves a purpose-related measures aiming at determining the fundamental vocational professional qualification for the target profession and eliminate communication barriers. These operational measures may not exceed a period of six weeks. The participants a
No performance may perform such aptitude test, the usually nurgegen fee is provided. You may also not integrated into the organisation of the work of the operation and be subject to the authority of the employer. For activities in the framework of an action according to § 45 Book III is the BA no consent required.

Career orientation

Have still not completed vocational training to asylum-seekers and tolerated, and they seek the inclusion of training in Germany, they have the opportunity, to complete a vocational orientation internship in a company. A prerequisite is, that operating activities is related to the vocational training objective of. The period of professional orientation training may be up to three months. Asylum seekers and tolerated will gain by this temporary, operating activities practical knowledge and experience. The approval of immigration is required for an internship orientation. With the most 29.07.2015 in the future but no agreement is adopted new BeschV the BA required (§ 32 ABS. 2 Nr. 1 BeschV). The general minimum wage does not apply for an internship orientation (§ 22 ABS. 1 Set 1 Nr. 2 MiLoG).

Entry qualification

Seeking a / e asylum seekers or tolerated / r on a specific vocational training, comes in the run-up to a qualification measure sponsored by the BA according to § 54a SGB III eligible. While businesses of training those interested in training can bring in their operation, If you currently are not yet fully for a training suitable or learning impaired and socially disadvantaged. This measure provides the opportunity, professional capacity to acquire, as well as to observe skills and abilities over a period of six to twelve months in the daily working process. Prerequisite is the conclusion of a contract within the meaning of § 26 BBiG, in particular the content of the training measure defines and sets of notice and compensation.

The BA can start a company training asylum-seekers and refugees without consent


With the current, most 29.07.2015 approved change of BeschV is governed, that even for minimum wage-free entry qualifications pursuant to § 22 ABS. 1 Nr. 4 MiLoG asylum seekers and tolerated no consent in the future BA more is required.

3. Sample employment / "Trial internships"

Have exercised temporarily an operational activity asylum seekers or tolerated, to the operation to "sniff", because you want to be found, whether or not the / the person concerned for a subsequent, longer-term employment is, then it's usually a trial employment - regardless of, How to identify the activity.

The suitability for a job to be tested with a sample employment, by the / the person concerned for a period actually temporarily carried out the later aspired occupation and in the labour- and production processes of the business is incorporated. The BA is required for a sample employment agreement (§ 39 Niederlassungs, § 32 ABS. 1 BeschV). Sample occupations or so-called trial internships are to be paid at least with the general statutory minimum wage.

Note: For these models is a brief overview. You does not claim to be exhaustive and may not fully meet the conditions for access to the labour market.

If you have questions for all immigration matters, including the permission to engage in any gainful activity, the immigration authorities as a partner are responsible.

The federal employment agency gives information to operational activities and internships at asylum seekers and tolerated under the


Central phone number +49 (0) 228 713 2000

The contact data and regional responsibilities of the teams of
Labour market authorisation procedure see under:

Need of a work permit or. a consent to the employment for an internship for people with tolerance or residence permission / BuemaErfordernis_einer_Arbeitserlaubnis_bzw-1

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