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Fragebogen zum Arbeitsgesuch

Looking for a

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  • a training
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  • a school / Study for the purpose of training

We are happy to help you!
It is a very special concern us, many asylum seekers/refugees into employment, Apprenticeships and traineeships to convey, Thus in our country a future and the chance you, their lives to make independent and to feel comfortable in our society.
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Then simply fill the form of Federal employment agency from!

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Questionnaire for making competence of asylum seekers
Dear Lady, Dear Mr.,

the federal employment agency (BA) is welcome in Germany.

As a public service in the labour market, our main task is, Work- or. Training- seekers and agencies together to lead.

Currently on the German labour market are professionals with vocational training or studies tagged- looking for. If you want to contribute your skills, would we assist you upon entry into work or training. We will also help, If you want to continue your education or vocational training or studies in Germany.

In the framework of a project, we want you with information, Consulting- and ggf. Prepare promotional offers as early as possible for entry into work or training. Participation in the project is voluntary.

If you want to participate, We will need some personal information as well as information about your qualifications and experience. Please fill the questionnaire on the back as far as possible- ing out. In the employment agency, an initial assessment of your chances of entry is carried out based on your expertise profile. A positive assessment, the Agency for work on you will come to and invite you to a further appointment.

Please see following note: The participation or non-participation in the project of the BA is not related with your asylum procedure and has no positive or negative consequences for the outcome of this case.

Questions of jurisdiction with regard to the asylum procedure in the European Union without prejudice to also (possible introduction of so-called. Dublin procedure). A participation in the project has also no intermittent or suspensory effect in relation to any stay ending measures after negative conclusion of the asylum procedure.

We are pleased, To get to know you. With kind regards

Their federal employment agency

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Fragebogen zum Arbeitsgesuch
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