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Antrag Arbeitserlaubnis

Application for work permit BL. 1 001

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Application for work permit at the Immigration Office 001

Form to print out here

Information about the process

The training has to complete the new form and submit with the training contract at Cathedral of the Immigration Office in Viersen.

That is to say, the training company appointment with Fraumünster ( or representation ) and perceives the appointment with the trainees together.

An important addition. In the section Job description 1. Best enter job title:

Internship orientation training

( then job title: z.B. Electro-mechanical engineers, Farmer etc. )

Wants an internship for initial qualification training company ( 6 until 12 Months ) agree, so this internship at the integration point must be requested. You can do this immediately or Fraumünster requested this form of internship.

In the first case, Internship orientation, Fraumünster decides immediately. It needs no consultation and consent of the BA.

In case of favourable has the work permit for the training in an hour in the ID papers.


Sabine Münster

DepartmentForeign Affairs
Service timesMonday to Friday 09:00 Watch- 16:00 Watch
and by appointment
  • Registry of foreigner Affairs
  • Employment permits asylum/endurance
District Hall
City Hall square 3
41747 Viersen
Phone02162 39-1538
Fax02162 39-1833

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