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Arbeit für Flüchtlinge

In recent times, we hear, that failed several applications for work permit. Generally rejected these requests because of the minimum wage regulation.

In this case, the minimum wage is, the Federal Labor Agency sets a wage range for a certain activity, in the move the employment agreement should and must.

What is behind this? In the aliens Employment Act, the equal treatment for German is, EU citizens and asylum-seekers / Foreigners laid down.
Adherence to the law is monitored by the authority. It is in the nature of things, that the employer, an asylum seeker in the work assumes the statutory minimum wage or slightly more to pay. This amount is included in the application. Authority shall examine the application and rejects him and zack another asylum seeker is infinitely disappointed at rejecting.

This can be avoided by, that they agreed only agreements in the bandwidth of the wage with a potential employer, or good, understandable reasons of a deviation makes clear.
It must be taken therefore advance the width of minimum wage in experience. With the federal employment agency, in the person of Lord Sunday, has been agreed, that we, We have a request to work in our area, receive a wage handicap or. There are different from reasons of this, rename these exceptions.
In the future we will request such information through the "integration point" of the employment agency for work in Viersen. This facility is on the side of the employment agency for the placement of refugees into the labour market.

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