Author collects disturbing and joyful images of refugees

Nicole Schröder shows drawings, the refugees children have been made. They are now published in a book.

Nettetal. Nicole Schröder from Leutherheide has let paint refugee children at a primary school in Essen. 200 Drawings appear as a book Joachim Burghardt

So otherwise not known, the artist always so cheerful and lively: “That was very moving, I went right to heart”, tells Nicole Schröder. It is known as children's songs author named Lilli Morgenstern. Now she tells quietly about their current project. She worked with refugee children in the Essen Maria Kunigunda elementary school and had paint these pictures of their past and their new home. The work will be published now in an exhibition and a book.

“Bombs, burning houses, Tears – Motives of many children were”, portrays Schröder. It was the, what they by their former homelands, Syria, for example, had remembered”, says the woman from Leutherheide. So disturbingly many drawings were also, others are so comforting: “The children painted also happy images of their new home in Germany with their felt-tip pens, with Sun and heart.”

Schröder came up with the idea, because their own children asked, “What's actually look like in countries, from which so many refugees come to us”. In talks with Udo Moter, the head of the primary school, She developed the project. Moter comes from Nettetal, three years ago, was mayoral candidate of the SPD and has many contacts in the Lake City – to Nicole Schröder. She had attended the Essen elementary school for a reading last year. Read more in the RP-ONLINE

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