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Tolerated Lam: Unemployed instead of teaching

Friends gathered before the foreigners authority, Members of the left and the link youth, to Mohamad Abou Sari (2.v.r.) to support.

Viersen. Almost 40 Mohamad fares Abou minutes saris’ Appointment to the immigration authorities of the city of Viersen. The 29-year-old come out, goes the steps in front of the main entrance down slowly, stops on the sidewalk. He acts shocked. Nadine Fischer

“Now I have nothing”, says the Lebanese. “No work, no training.” Around him members of the party are a dozen yesterday morning, the left and the link youth. You have gathered there, to call attention to his case, to show him: You're not alone. Continue reading Tolerated Lam: Unemployed instead of teaching

So it goes now for Bivsi and her family

Bivsi is received at the airport by friends

Düsseldorf. Since Wednesday morning the 15 year old pupil Bivsi Rana is with her parents back in Germany. The family hopes, to be able to quickly resume their old lives. Here the most important questions and answers, how it continues now with the family. By Franziska Hein

The media interest is huge, Flashbulbs receives the 15 year old Bivsi Rana, as she leaves the Terminal at Düsseldorf Airport on Wednesday morning. First, she drops her brother around the neck, He takes the family to Duisburg in their old apartment. Continue reading So it goes now for Bivsi and her family

Up to 30 Millions a year for integration of refugees

Refugees at a uni-launch event (Icon image).

Düsseldorf. Education is essential for a better life for refugees. The North Rhine-Westphalian universities heavily involved, paving the way in a study who had fled.

Press Agency in Düsseldorf as the NRW Ministry of science on inquiry informed the Germans, represents the country since the winter semester 2016/17 up to 30 Millions of euros per year for the integration of refugees in colleges available. According to the German Academic Exchange service (DAAD) in Bonn have since then 30 by 34 eligible universities raise funds for the program “NRWege in study” advertised. Continue reading Up to 30 Millions a year for integration of refugees

Caritas wants to break down language barriers

Kevelaer. The Volunteer Center of the Caritasverband funds Kevelaer searches for the specialist service “Integration and migration” Linguists, who speak German and at least one more language and are ready, volunteer to translate. With the help of linguists language barriers can be overcome and supports people with a migration background.

Are important for the task as linguists – In addition to the pure language skills – Reliability and discretion. Languages, especially needed, are Russian, Afghan and French.Read more in the RP-ONLINE

Human plus baby milk sent to Aleppo

At issue in Syria, children and women have priority.

Nettetal. Human plus has an another truck of the charity 22 Relief supplies of tons of loaded on the way in the region of Aleppo in northern Syria. First, in may, the Nettetaler had 38 Sent tons of food in the region in the crisis in the Middle East. This time, food and baby milk are located in the truck. “The relief supplies are for many people, fled from Aleppo, the hand to mouth living”, says Chairman Anestis Ioannidis. “The need is still great, our help more than ever.” Continue reading Human plus baby milk sent to Aleppo

Ground-breaking ceremony for exceptional home

At the groundbreaking ceremony (from the left): Gerhard cracks (Kamü project GmbH), Mayor Frank Galatis, Managing Director Christa Bruns, Chairman Erich backrest, Pravin Santhoor (Particeps assisted living GmbH), Chamberlain Oliver Mankowski, Construction Administration Manager Dieter Dresen and Rainer Grimnitz from the Sparkasse Krefeld. The real construction work should most 1. August start.

Brüggen. For around 3,3 A two-storey building is created between Tulip and the Mevissenfeld million euro. Initially refugees to be placed, later, assisted living for seniors to be offered by Birgit Sroka

In a few days, the backhoe roll in, the symbolic ground-breaking ceremony for the cultivation of nursing home Brüggen Bracht was yesterday. Most 1. August start the construction of an apartment building with 18 Housing units on a 1400 square meter plot between Tulip and Mevissenfeld. Ten months to take the construction of the two-storey house with relay floor claim. Take over the building the Particeps group and the Kamü project GmbH. Five years of the lease runs with the Castle community – with the possibility of, him more years to extend. 3,3 The nursing home Brüggen Bracht GmbH invests millions of euros into the project.

Continue reading Ground-breaking ceremony for exceptional home

Young refugees looking for their chance

Annette Baar and Michael Verheyen (3. and 4. v.l) by “Via Nobis” strive together with Andreas Müller and headmaster Lothar Josten (r.) internship for young refugees.

Municipality of Grefrath. The 25 Inhabitants of Antoniushauses are on the search for traineeships. Three are already supplied, for others, there are commitments. The youth help “Via Nobis” and the love wife school appeal to the local economy.

By Heiner Deckers

25 young unaccompanied refugees are currently housed in the Antoniushaus on the grounds of the Sisters of our Lady of Guadalupe in Mulhouse. They are looked after by the youth welfare service “Via Nobis”. You can visit the Förderklassen the love school, at the end of the coming school year the first will have their secondary school in your Pocket. Depending on the qualification that must be not the end of the academic career. Currently looking for “Via Nobis” Internships for young people, that come from conflict areas and have participated a lot in her life.

Andreas Müller, the in the lie Continue reading Young refugees looking for their chance

Second place for refugees intervener

Winner was Antonia Simon (M.) from Willich, followed by the Viersenerin Hannah Minten (Re.) and the third placed Sophie Tillmanns.

Viersen. At the award ceremony of the “Young women in public affairs award” on the podium was the 17 year old Viersenerin Hannah Minten By Bianca hits

The bronze sculpture to the “Young women in public affairs award” the Zonta clubs Viersen carries three names of students at Willicher St. Bernard high school. Now another name has been added: Antonia Simon. But not only the 17-year-old, that has made just her high school diploma, Let shine headmistress Margret Peters. Q1 schoolgirl Sophie of Talat had secured a third place finish in the traditional competition, While Hannah Minten from the Viersen Erasmus of Rotterdam School is delighted at the award ceremony in the Forum of at St. Bernard high school over second-place. Continue reading Second place for refugees intervener

Author collects disturbing and joyful images of refugees

Nicole Schröder shows drawings, the refugees children have been made. They are now published in a book.

Nettetal. Nicole Schröder from Leutherheide has let paint refugee children at a primary school in Essen. 200 Drawings appear as a book Joachim Burghardt

So otherwise not known, the artist always so cheerful and lively: “That was very moving, I went right to heart”, tells Nicole Schröder. It is known as children's songs author named Lilli Morgenstern. Now she tells quietly about their current project. She worked with refugee children in the Essen Maria Kunigunda elementary school and had paint these pictures of their past and their new home. The work will be published now in an exhibition and a book. Continue reading Author collects disturbing and joyful images of refugees

Refugee assistance for labour market integration

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Tönisvorst. Tönisvorst refugee engaged in different subject areas for the fugitive people integration, as for example German lessons, Family care, Bicycle workshop and refugee consulting, etc. In the framework of a new project refugee has now created a coordinator position in close cooperation with the SKM Kempen Viersen regarding labour market integration for refugees people. Just cultural differences are often the reason, why employment is difficult be established. Continue reading Refugee assistance for labour market integration