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Work permits for asylum seekers, refugees and migrants

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The work permit (or. legally correctly: the residence permit / the residence permit) for foreign citizens is linked to various conditions in Germany. Critical to the proper classification, whether it is necessary to have a work permit in Germany, first is the question, whether it is a work permit for the business activities of an EU citizen, a non-European migrants or even asylum seekers or. recognised refugee is.

This move the asylum seekers refugees in the foreground currently, the 2015 in particular from the Middle East (Syria, Iraq and Afghanistan) as well as the Balkan States (Albania and Serbia) seek refuge in Germany.

In many areas, as for example in the health- and other care workers or under the technical professionals (Engineers, Electrical engineering, Computer science, etc.) Depending on the region, there is a bottleneck, which can be eased by these people.

When foreign residents ever need a work permit and when refugees, seek asylum in Germany, may work here, the following article explains.

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Work permits for asylum seekers refugees
Priority examination of the employment agency
Refugees with residence permit
Help with employment law issues

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